Sunday, 21 February 2016

Not so strange Bed Fellows.

You can expect this Photo appearing often in Remain campaign literature

The Independent reports that an anti-EU rally in London which seems to have been held to capatlise on Cameron announcing the Referendum on Uk came to a divisive conclusion after over a hundred people reportedly walked out as George Galloway took to the stage as the event's special guest speaker

The appearance of the Respect Party leader prompted shouted complaints from many people at the QE II Centre in Westminster where supporters of Grassroots Out campaign (GO!), a movement urging Britain’s exit from the EU, gathered as the Prime Minister held negotiations to secure an EU reform deal on Friday.

I can imagine there e will be many Brexit supporters who will with be hoping both will be having a low profile in the coming election.

Farage in particular may have bee the face of leave for years and he does attract a fair amount of support, but I suspect twice that number are turned off by him.

As for Galloway even those who supported his attacks on Blair during the Gulf Wars, probably don't wanr to get too close to him.
Th Referendum is tot important is too important to judge on personalities but with Justice Secretary Michael Gove defects to Brexit camp to join Iain Duncan Smith, John Whittingdale, Priti Patel, Chris Grayling and Theresa Villiers sensationally join Leave camp minutes after referendum the referendum date was announced. it could all depend on who you think is most odious and voting the other way.
Those on the left who are tempted to back a Brexit  may not like some of the right on the Remain camp , but the presence of Iain Duncan Smith on the other side could be seen as a warning that a leave  vote  could give him a free hand completely destroy Welfare in the UK free from army protection  EU laws  gave to the vulnerable in our Society.
The fact that Cameron "successful" negotiations  depended on removing welfare payments from EU citizens "working" in the UK is hardly  encouraging  from him.
But can you imagine, what a Tory government  free from  EU social policy restrictions and  able to win with the support of less than 30% of those who voted  will do to the Welfare State in the next Ten years.
Be Afraid Very Afraid.


  1. As jeremy corbyn said when interviewed yesterday - when we go into the voting booths on june 23rd the ballot paper will simply ask us do we think the uk should remain in the eu or not. Despite all the hype around the recent european summit and what 'deal' cameron came back with none of that will be on the ballot paper, and in truth probably wont have much bearing on the outcome anyway.

    For anyone in Wales who isnt a frothing at the mouth 'kipper' it should be a no brainer. The number of jobs in wales dependent on eu membership and the amounts it generates for the welsh economy means there can only be one answer - vote to stay in!

  2. Ah George Galloway the man who thinks there is nothing wrong with independent countries as long as it isn't the one he was born in. I doubt that will make many in Scotland vote for exit, that and the English remembering winning the World Cup 1966.
    Wales should follow Scotland, what ever the Tories want cannot be in our interests.

  3. One is a tub thumping, rabble rousing British Nationalist nutjob and the other is Nigel Farage.

  4. Morecambe and Wise,
    Little and Large,
    Gorgeous George and
    Nigel Farage.

    Another pair of comedians - Brexit are just having a laugh!