Friday, 5 February 2016

Labour's Ogwr shortlist rather dull.

Its often claimed that Stalin's ceased control of the Bolsheviks because as General Secretary  he has extensive use of the membership list.

It doesn't always work it seems as Labour attempt to retain the Ogwr UK Parliament has not got off to the best of starts,

 Sitting MP Huw Irranca-Davies is resigning to to stand for the Assembly in the same constituency.

  It seems  would-be Labour MP who raised eyebrows after collecting proxy votes from party members has failed to make the shortlist of candidates seeking to stand in the forthcoming Ogmore by-election.
Bridgend county borough councillor Ceri Reeves wasn’t breaking party rules by collecting proxy forms from physically and mentally i

mpaired member

A senior Welsh Labour source said Bridgend county borough councillor Ceri Reeves had done nothing wrong in helping physically and mentally impaired members to participate in the selection process.
Mrs Reeves wass one of the favourites to win the Labour nomination for the Ogmore by-election caused by current MP Huw Irranca-Davies ’ decision to switch to the National Assembly . Her husband Mal Reeves is Mr Irranca-Davies’ long-time political agent.

Some members of the local party have been concerned that Mrs Reeves has been visiting housebound members who won’t be able to attend the selection meeting in person and helping them sign proxy votes for use when the candidate is chosen.
Under party rules, members who are physically or mentally hampered from attending by-election selection meetings can authorise others to vote on their behalf.

One local member said: 

“The candidate should be chosen on merit. Some of us are concerned that Ceri Reeves has been visiting party members and getting proxy votes off them. It doesn’t seem right.”
Another Ogmore party member said: “Mal Reeves is a previous membership secretary and knows who members are and where they live.

“The selection is taking place with a very tight timescale and other potential candidates won’t have the same advantage,”

It may be that the quality of the Candidates selected may be thin as whoever wins the nomination is likely to be the last MP for Ogmore. The seat is likely to disappear under boundary changes expected to be introduced in time for the next general election in 2020. At that time, most of the constituency will be absorbed by Aberavon, currently held by Labour’s Stephen Kinnock, while the rest will be merged with Bridgend.

Former Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire AM an perpetual failed Christine Gwyther, who served as Minister for Agriculture in the first Assembly term, joins Vale of Glamorgan council’s cabinet member for education Chris Elsmore, Rhondda Cynon Taf( Which is in the Ogwr Constituency) cabinet member for children’s services and equality Geraint Hopkins and local fire officer Alex Owen on the shortlist.

What is it about Christine Gwyther, in tat she keeps geting selected (and loosing). Is she unlike most of us perceive really a superb candidate? Do people in Labour feel sorry for her  or perhaps she knows where the bodies are buried?

I may be doing a disservice to whoever is picked and will probably be the next MP for Ogwr but they seem a rater dull bunch.

Maybe Ms Reeves before her "Total Legitimate" collection of proxy vote may have turned her ingenuity ,to being an effective Constituency MP.

Alas we will never know. 

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