Saturday, 6 February 2016

Ukip Hypocrisy in (not a election communication) leaflet.

 Ukip Hypocrisy in (not a election communication) leaflet.

It looks like Ukip are going to spend , spend , spend on next May's Assembly  Election if this latest mail delivery is anything to go by.

Printed on Cardboard  it looks expensive and seems to be due for delivery by the Royal Mail to every Welsh Household  if it was included in tier election expenses it would  cut deep in to their allowed budget.

But it appears to come from the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy the right wing grouping that Ukip are members of in the European Parliament  . Have Ukip used European funding for the EFD to pay for this?

As always Ukip try to exploit populism. They quite rightly point out TTIP the secret deal being conducted between  the European Union and US and the potential threat to our NHS
But they themselves are a threat to the NHS
UKIP leader Nigel Farage however  was forced to  clarify his party's position on the NHS after admitting he had once advocated a form of NHS privatisation.
A video compilation of his speeches on the Guardian's website showed Mr Farage suggesting public funding of the NHS be replaced by a private insurance model.

Mr Farage said it was an idea he "threw out for debate" two years ago.
But he told the BBC that it was rejected and there is "no more debate, no more argument".
And he denied that he had ever advocated an American-style model, saying he had alluded rather to the insurance-based French and Dutch systems when arguing that "we may have to think about ways in the future about dealing with healthcare differently".

I suspect Farage realised his real views would be a vote looser.

I also suspect that Ukip response to TTIP comes from it s European Origins and that they would envisage  a similar deal would be done with the USA by a UK outside the EU.

Once again this Blog may be touching on Hypocrisy since it is notorious for its numerous typos . But surely Ukip could have found a Welsh speaker or paid for a Translator  .

Even I know there is no Welsh word Gwethio and presume they meant Gweithio.

One can only assume they have nothing but contempt for Cymraeg as this is only one of a long list of such gaffs.

I leave it to people more fluent in the language and certainly more fluent than Ukip to comment on the rest of their translations.


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