Sunday, 7 February 2016

LibDems are also to blame for Steel closures.

I can probably accept why after  the disastrous  Five Years of coalition government the  LibDems would rather erase it from not only  their memory but ours as well.
So we see stories appearing on Wales Online  that

Warning signs have been flashing over the steel industry for years but Labour has failed to take action, Liberal Democrat AM Eluned Parrott claimed as she kicked off the party’s conference in Cardiff.
She is adamant that action could have been taken to protect the industry, which has been rocked by the announcement of 750 job losses at Port Talbot.
She said:
 “On steel I have watched the warning signs of this industry in trouble not for months but for years.
 "I have stood up in the chamber and asked the minister to do something about it; to cut business rates on heavy machinery, to demand the highest standards in our procurement policy, to make sure that no grey market imports are ever used in our government’s contracts.”
 “This isn’t abstract – this is to protect livelihoods and communities, and I’ve heard back time after time is, ‘We’ll think about it’.
“And no, I know that the Labour Government can’t do everything. But since when was that an excuse to do
nothing?”d not have the powers then it should have demanded them.
 Ms Parrot's attack on Labour in Wales is somewhat justified . If it didn't have the powers it should have demanded them.

But even in Scotland the government there did not have the real powers to prevent closure . This still lies with Westminster.

What did Ms Parrot's Party  do for the Steel Industry over its Five Years siting on the Government benches?

True the large majority of former Nick Cleggs seat Sheffield Hallam is rural, spreading in the west into the Peak District National Park. But surely he would considering that's City's connection to the Steel Industry

It also contains some of the least deprived wards in the country, has low unemployment (1.5% jobseekers claimants in November 2012)[7] and a high rate of owner occupancy with few occupants who rent their home. 

But can anyone representing a seat in South Yorkshire not share in the legacy of Steel in that area in the same way no South Wales MP or AM can share ours?

What did those LibDems in actual positions to do something in their years of Coalition do for the Steel Industry , I wonder?

I can the LibDems desire to put the past behind them and they probably have decided to erase their "achievements" (if any) from the public memory for fear they will still be held responsible for propping up a vicious Tory government.

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