Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Where is Plaid's USP?

Plaid Cymru will  pledge to create a "well, well-educated, wealthier Wales" as the party launches its assembly election campaign.But is there something missing

Shorter NHS waiting times, free care for the elderly and improved school standards are among the policies to be announced by leader Leanne Wood.
She said 17 years of "unbroken Labour rule" had brought "economic stagnation" and declining public services.
"People in Wales are crying out for competent leadership," Ms Wood added.
Plaid Cymru had ministers in a coalition government led by Labour from 2007 to 2011, but lost seats and power at the election which ended that four-year term.
Speaking ahead of Wednesday's campaign launch in Cardiff, Ms Wood said Plaid Cymru had been "listening to what the people of Wales want" over the last five years.
"Their hopes and frustrations have informed our most ambitious programme for government to date," she said.
"At the heart of this programme lies our three ambitions - to create a well, well-educated and wealthier Wales."
Ms Wood said Plaid Cymru wanted "a fairer, more prosperous nation which can stand on its own two feet".
She said she would unveil nine key policies to support the party's ambitions to boost the nation's health, education and economy.

All very worthy, but  they could have come  any of the Parties fighting the Assembly Election.

Where is Plaid's Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Where is the call for if not Independence now parity with Scotland ?

Where is the Inspiration to take to the people of Wales a future of a Welsh Government that does not look to a vision k to Westminster and the Pocket Money they give us to solve our problems?

All of the Parties will be dangling goodies in front of the Welsh Electorate  ,
not mentioning that something else will have to be cut in order to pay for this.

The LibDems are giving us almost a daily feed via Subordinate Central as alluring as anything Plaid promise

But Plaid can offer much more with a vision of Wales with control of much more of our own polices  in Policing ,Law and Order to name just two that would move us to the same level of devolution as Scotland.

I hope Plaid's Spring Conference will see them putting parity with Scotland at the core of the Assembly campaign.

Lets have a campaign of ambition not just promises.

Offering to rearrange the "Deckchairs on the Titanic" even if it is not actually sinking at the moment is not good enough.


  1. Quite right.not only no USP but no consistency of vision and policy looking back, either.Parity with Scotland is something people understand, especially parity of funding, a god start. Parity of Ambition would be wonderful!

  2. Please do not ask for parity with Scotland, we are about to be royally shafted. Never ask for anything, we were forced into this by our NO voters most who just wanted a quiet life. You need to demand with some force and lets face it Wales have yet to give Plaid the power to do so.