Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Where are the other Parties electoral comunications?

In the  early eighties I was once Chairman of Plaid  Pontypridd  Constituency  and just before the 1983 election had a letter from HQ on running the campaign  which advised on writing out a stuffing  envelopes  addressed to every one on the electoral role. It contained the immortal words

"The Ladies are good at this"

Fortunately times have changed not only are "The Ladies out in the streets knocking on the doors they are shock horror standing (though not enough)

Sadly the main reason may well be that parties have  abandoned the envelopes with the Electoral Communication "

Now you can have the addresses printed out and stick them on the leaflet directly or have it delivered  in the same manner as Junk Mail

With only two days remaining I have yet to receive Electoral Communications for the Pontyprid Constituency  from Liberal Democrats,Greens Socialist Labour or TUSC.

Some may have not taken advantage of the free delivery system or produced leaflets but its unlikely that the  LIbDems  have chosen not to'

Of the three I have  had delivered only Labour's had my address on it  

So is there a greater risk of mo delivery if they are simply unaddressed  and the Royal Mail   relied to deliver with the rest of "Junk Mail"?

It would be interested to run a survey on h what percentage of leaflets that different parties  produce for the election are delivered  and when from the time the parties hand them over to the Royal Mail.

Even large parties like the LibDems  seem to suffer from non delivery here  and even if their leaflet was to pop through my letter box it hardly going to sway voters in the final days.

May be the Returning Office i every constituency should select 100 household and without divulging the address  provide them with a simple form to tick  collect the leaflets from the Royal Mail and include the date they were delivered.

We need to know if the system is working from what I have see  over numerous elections it is not.

We need to know whether the fault lies the Royal Mail delivery system or the Parties themselvs

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