Wednesday, 6 May 2015

At least we know Federalism will not work.

At least on thing is clear from this Election campaign is the idea of a Federal Britain  especial one of the four Nations of these Islands is dead in the water because it will be unacceptable to England or at least the media there,

Before the Independence referendum the Better Together  with the help of the London Media  tied to give the impression that Scotland was a valued member of the Union

But it is clear Only if the Scots knew their place

Clearly the idea that the SNP a legitimate and democratic party can have any say in the UK government

So we have these headlines



So democracy only works one way although Scotland and Wales  do not vote for the Thatcher government that was OK because England or rather those in the  South East did

The point of Federalism is that we are all equal  and no part of the federation is dominant  that why although the House of representatives in the US House of representatives is based  on population of the individual  states the US Senate has two representatives . So tiny Road Island  has the same number  of Senators as California

Even if power was devolved throughout England . I suspect that the same Xenophobic argument will be made if Scottish or Welsh Nationalist could some how hold the balance of power in Westminster even with a reformed second chamber

The argument is clear Welsh ,Scottish and even Cornish MPs are only acceptable in government or to have influence  if they are member s of Unionist Parties.

The treatment of Northern Ireland MPs are different although the SDLP aim is to break up the Union with a United Ireland will probably take the Labour whip without a murmur and even the Right wing DUP can join a Labour or Tory government  and there will be no complaints of Northern Ireland MPs  ruling England.

Even if the fledgling English Regionlist Parties like Yorkshire First were to gain ground  I doubt we would get the same Xenophobic  reaction if they sent representatives to Westminster.

For Feudalism to work it would need a change of mindset among politicians and media n England.


  1. Ah yes, the SDLP. The party of Gerry Fitt. "Who's a Brit? Gerry Fitt. Whose another? Gerry's brother" So committed to an united Ireland that he joined the House of Lords.

  2. I'm surprised you've shown so few. There are plenty more examples of this 'smear and fear' mentality in the London media.

    And you won't get an unbiased view from the BBC either, they are just more subtle in their distorted reporting of what's happening in day to day events in Scotland. For them it's a re-run of the Independence referendum.

    The ruling elite have ensured their media friends pull out all the stops to undermine the SNP's support. They aren't going to let their cosy little arrangement at Westminster, with all the fringe benefits, be threatened by a bunch of uncontrollable 'Jocks'. They are going to use every dirty trick in the book to try and stop this happening.