Thursday, 7 May 2015

Vote Plaid in Wales and for other Progressive Parties elsewhere.

It will come as no surprise when  this Blog urges readers in Wales to vote Plaid  Today

I am not even going to suggest a Tactical Vote  to save a Labour of Liberal Democrat from a Tory.

The difference between all three Unionists parties is now so small  the idea of going foerthe least worst option is  not worth the effort.

It is not only an increase in Plaid MPs  that is needed Today but an increase in the Plaid vote throughout Wales in order to send a message to Westminster that Wales cannot  be taken for granted  and warn that Wales will follow Scotland unless there are Major changes

In England I urge people to vote Green and to again avoid Tactical Voting  a change in hr voting system can only come when it is clear that the First Past the Post system is undemocratic .

Tactical Voting only lets the Tories and Labour of the hook.

In Cornwall  vote Menyon Kernow  and maybe if they appeal to you rather than the Greens for the regionlist Parties like Yorkshire First . Maybe in the next Election a real arrangement with the Parties that work under the Green-European Free Alliance may be worked out . Yorkshire First has been given observer status  by the EFA.

Scotland is a no brainier Vote SNP and make London wake up . The earthquake from Scotland tomorrow will  send a message throughout the world.

That is in part why Plaid need their biggest representation in Westminster ever . We must ensure that our Nation becomes part of the story.

Finally if you still can't bring yourself to support any Party  at least go to your poling Station and say so

Even a spoillt ballot sends a message staying at home and watching TV does not.

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