Friday, 29 May 2015

How the Parties did in Wales

Roger Scully  over at Elections in Wales has been crunching the numbers  over the General Election he might be right when he says  

"Sometimes I think it’s best just to let the numbers speak for themselves…" but there are some interesting facts

For Labour its highest share of the vote was in Blaenau Gwent: 58.0% wich it only regained from Rebels i.n 2010 Its lowest share was in the LibDem - Conservative Battleground of Montgomeryshire: 5.6%Its biggest positive was in Cardiff Central: +11.2% thier only gain in Wales. and the lowest Cynon Valley: -4.8% where there was probably some resentment over Ann Clwyd reversing her decision to stand down.

Labour Lost 0 deposits

For the Conservatives  its highest share of the votes was in Monmouth: 49.9% which has long en their Welsh Stronghold . Their lowest share was the Rhondda: 6.7% and the biggest swing was in Wrexham: +6.2% and the lowest Cardiff Central: -6.9%

The Conservatives lost 0 deposits

For Ukip the highest vote was in Islwyn: 19.6% followed closely by Caerphilly: 19.3% which must be worrying for Plaid  who know these are seats they need to capture in the Assembly if they are ever to form a Welsh Government. The lowest Ukip vote was in Cardiff Central: 6.5% followed by Cardiff North 7.7% which suggest that like many parties they can be squeezed in marginal battles . Its highest swing was in Caerphilly: +17.0% and its lowest Cardiff Central: +4.4%. So although Ukip caused a stir they nowhere can as yet look like gaining a Welsh seat under First Past the Post.

Though witth 0 lost deposits it can't be denied they vote was spread through out Wales

For Plaid its highest share was in Arfon: 43.9% and its lowest Newport East: 3.5% its highest swing was in the Rhondda: +8.9% which may give Leanne Wood some encouragement when she contest that seat in the Assembly Elections   next year its lowest swing was surprisingly Llanelli: -7.0% a seat that they had campaigned hard in 

 Plaid lost 7 deposits mainly in the Border regions 

For the LibDems (and if you are one llook away now ) the figures are truly teeing its highest vote was predictably   Ceredigion: 35.9% and its lowest was the Rhondda: 1.5% it the only party that saw no gain in votes so Ynys Môn: -5.4% is counted even though its negative. i is lowest swing was  in Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney:  with a staggering-26.9%

Even more staggering for  aparty which did so well in 2010 was that they lost 30 out of 40 deposits which means unless they are showing the LIibDems beating the likes of the Monster Raving Loony Party many will be spared the "Little Bar Graphs" on LibDem  election leaflets in the  foreseeable future.

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