Monday, 11 May 2015

LibDems to jjoin "Progressive Alliance" ? No chance.

From Wikipedia
The Italian Co-belligerent Army (Esercito Cobelligerante Italiano), Army of the South (Esercito del Sud), or Italian Liberation Corps (Corpo Italiano di Liberazione) were names applied to the Royal Italian Army during the period when it fought on the side of the Allies during World War II, that is to say from September 1943 onwards. During the same period, the pro-allied Italian Royal Navy and Italian Royal Air Force were known as the Italian Co-belligerent Navy and Italian Co-belligerent Air Force respectively. From September 1943, pro-Axis Italian forces became part of the newly-formed Italian Social Republic.
The Italian Co-belligerent Army was the result of the Allied armistice with Italy on September 8, 1943; King Victor Emmanuel III dismissed Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister in July 1943 following the Allied invasion of Southern Italy, and nominated Marshal of Italy (Maresciallo d'Italia) Pietro Badoglio instead, who aligned Italy with the Allies.
Although the Co-belligerent Army provided over 20,000 men for the Allied cause, it was greatly outnumbered by the partisans of the Italian Resistance, who fielded up to 80,000 men on the Allied side, including perhaps 30,000 fighters in the Italian Communist Party's partisan units.

I was reminded of this  when Peter Black in his Blog appeared to be calling for the LibDems to be part of a Progressive Alliance

A consolation of no longer being in government is that I feel that I am able to read the Guardian again. And tucked away at the bottom of this article about the need to reclaim the Liberal Democrats for the progressive left is a tantalising proposal that is well-worth further discussion.
Although I associate myself with the progressive left of my own party I do not necessarily agree with the analysis that says that Clegg and his fellow Ministers led the party down a 'centrist blind alley'. The discipline of government and the difficulties of coalition meant that we inevitably had to compromise on many of our policies.

Fair enough and it appears 

in the Guardian article Caroline Lucas  of the Greens may have given some credence to this
Meanwhile, the Green party’s only MP is proposing that progressive parties work together in future to beat Conservative candidates rather than splitting the votes in key seats. Caroline Lucas, who was re-elected for Brighton Pavilion, said she was backing the move after witnessing progressive politicians such as the Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, in neighbouring Lewes, being voted out. Baker lost by just over 1,000 votes to Tory candidate Maria Caulfield. The Green candidate, who stood little chance of victory, picked up 2,784 votes.
Lucas said: 

“The system is wrong and we should have electoral reform, but that could be some time coming. So we need other ways to work together in a progressive alliance. Where it is appropriate, only one progressive candidate could stand in a seat – a sort of electoral pact. Cooperation during the EU referendum campaign could be the start of it.

Apart from the fact its a bit early for a party that betrayed its Progressive credentials  for a taste of power it would also mean that the LibDem in future Elections cannot  believe they are the major Players and after to accept that they may have to do deals with the  Greens SNP ,Plaid Mebyon Kernow ,Yorkshire First and other Regionlist Parties

Would they agree to stand down in some of the six Cornish seats to favour the greens for instance?

At the moment the LiBDems have  litle to offer a Progressive Alliance not even in  seats in the the three "mainlamd"  Legislatures and in the European Parliament they are not in a position to negotiate let alone to lead a Progresive Alliance which is what i expect them to try to do so.

They are still Toxic to most Progressive  and it will take a major change in their attitude ans even then many years before they are sen in a progressive light again.


  1. I used to like Peter and almost always enjoyed his blog. I fully understand the rough and tumble of politics, but his behavior regarding Mike Parker was appalling and, simply, unforgiveable.

  2. Not a chance Black. You sold yourselves to the devil for a sniff of power and are largely responsible for the five years of crap we now face.

  3. Black must be unhinged if he believes the LDs will be forgiven overnight for their collusion.

  4. After 5 years of collusion with the Tories I think any view of the LDs as progressive is a bit delusional.

    The Labour Party, particularly in Wales, have been living off their reputation of being radical and representing the working class for years.

    As Leanne Woods correctly pointed out to Owen Smith, the time for taking the people of Wales for granted is past. Peter Black should bear this in mind.

  5. A large chunk of Lib Dem voters in Wales turned to the Tories last Thursday that’s why we have 11 Tory MP’s, neither the Lib Dems or the Tories by definition are ‘progressive’.

    But before everyone gloats remember if the Lib Dems are wiped out it gives UKIP and the Tories more space to grow and gain votes, so be careful what you wish for.