Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Tories may have a mandate to rule Scotland but not to

With 56 of 59 MPs the SNP have at least a claim fo its claim to speak for Scotland but it seems that this may well  be the case of  a mandate for  their claim to speak for Scotland
But as the  National pointed out on Monday:

The sole Scottish Tory now the new Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, and his new shadow, Labour’s Ian Murray the sole Labour Scottish member ,will face each other of whilst the 56 will have to wait to be called  by the Speaker and as  often happens in Welsh Questions Tories in particular from English Constituencies may well  to ask questions on the Government- Opposition  1-1 practise we see in PMQ's

It may be that speaker John Bercow who still faces a coup from Tories who seek to replace him may consider finding allies on the SNP benches and seek to change this convention
No such problem exists alas in Wales with  .Welsh 11 Tories on  the government benches there surely no need for English backwoodsmen to take part in Welsh Questions  but don't bet on it  
The other question of mandate in Scotland will clearly come from the renewal of Trident . Whilst  no-one can deny with majority the Tories have they will implement it . But do they have a mandate to keep it in Scotland ? 
With a majority SNP government in Holyrood  opposed to Trident in Scotland and the vast majority of the Scottish  MPs . Imposing Trident on Scotland looks like colonialism  and brings into question the constitutional settlement.
Alas no such question arise here in Wales . Wales may have voted for Non Tory parties but if you read the media it looked  liked a Tory landslide here. Our colon ism will continue unabated and unless we quickly realise  that the answer is not for Labour to broaden its appeal to Tory voters but to fight for Wales even the existence of our Assembly remains threatened.


  1. Your opening statement needs correcting its 56 out of 59

  2. I've been voting SNP for decades and have seen the party grow and become a real contender... and now look at us! If you want Wales to be heard and given any measure of respect from the governing Westminster parties, then people have to start voting accordingly... Plaid Cymru In the current climate it wouldn't take too long to catch up with the SNP :)