Saturday, 2 May 2015

England deserve better than Miliband's Red Tories as well.

Ed Miliband confirmation that his refusal to work with the SNP in a hung parliament also applies to Plaid Cymru. and that he would prefer to go into opposition rand hand power to the stories will be a betrayal of those  who intend to vote Labour in the belief they will end the the Tory led Austerity program even against the evidence that they intend to carry on with it even if its in may be a tad milder.
Plaid leader Leanne Wood has said she could do a deal to put Labour in power even if the SNP was not involved.
She said Mr Miliband was irresponsible to rule out an SNP deal, claiming it could "open the door" to the Tories.
But t perhaps it will be the people of England who will vote Labour for the above reason who will be betrayed the most.
After all we in Wales amd Scotland wil at least have some MPs who will speak out against a Tory Austerity program with Authority and a mandate to end it/
Miliband has abandoned that mandate 
Not surprising that after the first leaders debate English people were tweeting that they wished they could vote for the SNP or Plaid.
Hopeful there wil be more than  one Green MP  in Caroline Lucus in Brighton bur only Norwich South, currently held by the Lib Dems with a wafer-thin majority over Labour, but where the Greens took 14.9% in 2010. and  Bristol West, where the Lib Dem incumbent,  Stephen Williams, is likely to struggle because of the fall-off in the student vote.

Whether its Blue or Red Tories in Number 10 next week the People of England deserve better than the three main parties who are becoming indistinguishable and all are right wing economically

A strong Greens and  for Mebyon Kernow will be a parties like Yorkshire First  given observer  status by the European Free Alliance there may other parties which could be allies in a Progressive decentralised Bloc  

In Scotland and to some extent here in Wales there may be some hope for the future  for those who have been stamped on by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition where Labour stood by tutting.

Who will stand up for the victims of Austerity in England.

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