Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Crabb moves sideways.

Ii seems that the new Tory Government are in a muddle over the future of devolution in Wales

On Tuesday, Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb said: 
"I think it's really important to show momentum. I think it's really important that we show to Wales that we're going to follow through on our promises and our commitments and right at the heart of that is a commitment to deliver fair funding for Wales."But it's also really important that we take time to get the detail right."Wales has suffered in the past by having devolution legislation that's been badly written or vaguely written."That's what's led to Welsh government and UK government fighting it out in the courts."
But that leads to the question why has this never happened in Scotland . Could this be because powers  have be transferred to Scotland with no stings attached? 

\If legislation has been badly written it is because there was doubt whether Westminster still has some say in devolved powers . 

So the answer is simply look at the Scottish devolution power bills and copy them.

Despite First Minister Carwyn Jones says he has been assured by the Prime Minister that he expects the next Wales Bill – containing measures on further devolution – to be introduced to the Commons next month. 

It seems that Mr Crabb see to be under the delusion that because the Tories gained 3 seats in the General Election it has somehow given him a Mandate to stall any further devolution

 “I think what the general election showed was in some way the politics of Wales and Scotland are moving further apart… Certainly, the result in Wales was a pretty resounding No to nationalism first and foremost but also to the idea of home rule that was being bandied around by Welsh Labour.“Welsh Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru were all using the phrase ‘home rule’ and all of their vote went backwards so, you know, what the electorate in Wales were saying was that [they] value devolution; I believe they value a strong Welsh voice over their own affairs but they absolutely do value the union.
“They look on what’s happening in Scotland and are deeply concerned.”

 Only a Month ago  Chancellor George Osborne had promised a law giving more power to Wales within 100 days of a Tory election victory.

Indeed Stephen Crabb had claimed thatt:
“The three pro-devolution parties in Wales: Welsh Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, and Plaid Cymru, could – possibly could – provide a fresh, effective alternative to the monopolistic hold on the levers of government in Wales by the Labour party.”

Now it looks that Crabb who once described himself  as a "Unionist ant Heart" wants to sideline devolution .

And with a Devo-sceptic Shadow Welsh Secretary in Owen Smith whose response  was hardly robust

 “It is deeply disappointing that just days after the election the Tories appear to be reneging on their promise to give greater powers to Wales.
“If the Tories go back on their word, the people of Wales will be rightly angry.
“Last week’s election was a difficult result for Labour, and while we reflect on that result and debate how we move forward as a party, I am delighted at the opportunity to continue in the role of Shadow Secretary of State for Wales. I will continue to stand up for Wales in Westminster and hold Stephen Crabb to account for the promises he made to the Welsh people.”

I suspect that Owen  Smith privately agrees with his opposite number and  he is only going through the motions  .

Already both Labour and the Tories are claiming that the 2015 result shows that there is no distinction between Wales and England and Wales when it comes to voting.

I used to argue that Westminster treated Wales as West Briton there now seem a campaign to claim that Wales is little more than the West Of England.

Do we really want this? 

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  1. It’s ironic that the result has finally woken Labour up to the real danger welsh devolution is in after their complacency and mismanagement of the Welsh Government for 16 years, when you add in the self serving Welsh Labour MP’s and that the new Welsh Tory MP’s are all anti devolution Wales has never been closer to being totally subsumed in to England

    Martin Shipton’s got more on this

    And before Plaid Cymru supporters say it’s the voters fault look at you own parties track record of failures before having a go at Labour