Monday, 19 January 2015

Why are some "Progressives" so Anti-Welsh Language?.

On his Facebook page the Blogger Another Amgry Voice  writes

If I lived in Wales I'd seriously consider voting for Plaid Cymru because they have consistently voted against the most illiberal legislation put forward by the coalition government and because they've taken a strong stance against the TTIP corporate power grab.

AAV is one of the best progressive Blogs in the UK as his his facebook page he is not reponsible for the comments however and whilst the majority are supportive or beleive Plaid is pro fox hunting  and one claimed.

Plaid put a nasty anti-Gypsy leaflet through my door about a year ago - saying things like 'we will monitor crime levels if the new traveller site goes ahead' - in other words, suggesting without having the balls to say outright that they thought having Gypsy neighbours would lead to an increase in crime. They lost my respect for that.
Which I've asked where this was because if it is so I would like Plaid to answer this.

Some of the comments were simply Anti-welsh Language diatribe which repeat on the comments page BBC Wales Blogs whenever Plaid are mentioned. no matter what the subject.

Here's an example

Plaid Cymru are a broad church of Cultural Conservatives and National Socialists. Depending on which part of Wales you are in, their supporters are more likely to side with either Conservatives who ushered in S4C the Welsh language TV station and defend traditional rural pursuits such as fox hunting, or Labour who share support for the Trade Union movement and who are the establishment party of Wales (or Welsh Tories). However if you seriously look at their manifesto, it's a carbon copy of the Liberal Democrat's policy platform. Plaid Cymru lost a lot of respect for selling out after entering into coalition with Labour in the Welsh Assembly and their vote has never truly recovered.

 I'm not sure I could ever vote for Plaiafter they forced S4C upon people. If I had a quid for every time they've shown frigging trap racing...

Plaid Cymru sympathised with the nazis in ww2 and were established primarily to protect the Welsh language. We have legislation in Wales which forces public sector front line services to prioritise the language over service delivery. 

 I'd say greens are still a better option, but that's probably because I hate the fact I've had the welsh language shoved down my throat for the past like 14 years.

Some of these may regard themselves as progressives particularly the last one  but I can't understand how people of that Ilk can't see how the struggle for not only Equality for the Welsh Language even its very survival can#t be part of the progressive Left agenda. Or is it still true if you cut British Liberal you will still draw Imperialist Blood 


  1. Perhaps these people are less progressive than they think.

  2. And there was me thinking this was going to be about the 'regional' language hating Englandandwales Green Party.

    These people might be progressive BritNats but they are still BritNats.

  3. Why are some "Progressives" so Anti-Welsh Language?

    Because, for them, history and society should only be explained on one categorical axis, that of class. No other category or consideration can be tolerated since if it were, their whole ideological paradigm would be undermined.

    It is ideological absolutism (and always has been). Regrettably, from a philosophical perspective, it is also yesterday's news and today's chip paper.