Thursday, 15 January 2015

The leaders debate and Tina

Tina (There is no alternative) was the watchword of the Thatcher government  and if the Leaders debate goes on without those who argue against that  in will consist of four Tina's.
There will be an argument that Plaid the SNP and Greens were behaving irresponsibly when they voted against the UK Government’s Charter for Budget Responsibility after all Labour the main Opposition with only a few dissenters agreed to what many saw as trap for them set by Osbourne.Welsh Labour MPs voted emphatically, alongside their Tory colleagues and LibDem , to continue with this policy for the next five yearsI,

Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Greens are on the other side of the fence.

After the vote, Plaid Treasury spokesman Jonathan Edwards set out his party’s general election position clearly:
“We have now had five years of pain under Westminster’s austerity agenda with ordinary people paying the price for the collapse of the banks.“Over £1bn has been wiped from the Welsh economy due to welfare cuts alone. This simply cannot go on.“It beggars belief that the Labour Party was willing to follow the Tories through the lobbies and back another five years of cuts that amount to tens of billions of pounds.“Plaid Cymru is absolutely committed to ending austerity and providing the people of Wales with a positive alternative.

Its the Economy Stupid was Bill Clinton's watchword for his Presidential campaign but how cab Labour offer any alternative when they have agreed to another 5 years of cuts?

Whether you think Plaid and its allies are offering a real alternative or not if representatives of the Anti-Austerity Bloc are not allowed to put it forward in the "leaders debate then the major issue in this election will not be discussed .

Instead we will have (if Cameron joins in) arguments over Europe and a race to the bottom ion immigration control. as they al move to Ukip's agenda.

There is always an alternative and we should be allowed to here from those who have it.


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