Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fracking Failure by Welsh Labour.

The Welsh Government has been accused of failing to press for powers over fracking after a UK minister confirmed there had been “no discussions” with him on this subject.
Plaid Cymru Treasury spokesman Jonathan Edwards asked the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change what talks had taken place about devolving powers over shale gas.
Conservative minister Matt Hancock responded: 
“I have had no discussions with the Welsh Government on devolving these powers to Wales.”

Back in November our First Minister Carwyn Jones was claiming that Wales should be offered the same devolved powers as Scotland,
He accused UK ministers of having a "piecemeal approach" to devolution, following publication of the Smith Commission's report.

It says the Scottish Parliament should control income tax rates and bands, air passenger duty and Scottish elections. and gained responsibility for “underground onshore extraction of oil and gas”.

But there is little evidence of Wales's First Minister putting much of a fight.

Carmarthen East & Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards said:

 “It is absolutely astonishing that despite constantly claiming to be standing up for Wales, and that Wales should have the same powers as Scotland, Labour have yet again revealed that they talk a good game but do precious little to make it happen. As part of the devolution of powers promised to the people as part of the vow in the independence referendum, Scotland will have full powers over the planning and licensing of fracking.
“What is good enough for Scotland is also good enough for Wales, and we should also have the same powers, yet Labour has been shambolic in its approach to delivering this for Wales... Labour are not even pushing for those powers, perhaps obeying the commands of their London masters.
“They are just rolling over and allowing Welsh resources to be plundered for Westminster and City of London profit...
With the UK Government considering overhauling UK trespass laws to make it easier to extract shale gas. Under the plans being considered by the government, fracking could take place under homes without owners’ permission. it is imperative that  the  our Government  be  responsible for Fracking.

Once again Welsh Labour have failed  Wales and proved that if their colleagues in Scotland  are a Branch Ofice than  are little more than a Postal Address  where Carwyn and his unambitious can pick up the latest orders from their London Masters.  

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