Saturday, 24 January 2015

Welsh Goverment shames democracy in lowering flags for despots death.

Its rather heartening that a Plaid Cymru AM and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives  have both denounced the fying of flags at half-mast after the death of the Saudi despot King Abdullah
Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas said the move was inappropriate given the country's human rights record.
The death of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was announced early on Friday morning.
The Welsh government said it would "normally extend this courtesy" to heads of state and royalty who had died.
The Mid and West Wales AM wrote on Twitter : "Woman beheaded on the street Blogger given 1,000 lashes Labour @WelshGovernment sees fit to fly Welsh flag at half mast #sickening #Saudi".
Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has also described the decision to lower flags on government buildings as "a steaming pile of nonsense".
The UK government has asked for flags on government buildings to be lowered until 20:00 GMT on Friday, but the Welsh and Scottish governments are free to issue their own instructions.
A Welsh government spokesman said: "Flags are flying at half mast across the Welsh government estate.
"We would normally extend this courtesy to heads of state or members of royal households who have died."
So if you are "A Royal" you can abuse Human rights, treat Women as second class citizens and publicly behead people.

Prime Minister has praised King Abdullah on "his commitment to peace and religious understanding.
I am given to understand a the penalty for a Saudi  Moslem converting to another religion is death.
The treatment of Saudi Arabia which is no better than Libya under  Gaddafi of Iraq under  Saddam Hussein and who treated Women and religious minorities better. shows the West hypocrisy of the West its appalling that the Welsh Government has chose to join in.  
Thanks to Anon yesterday i can direct you to a petition here condemning this here.


  1. Cameron's "excuse" for the tribute: Arms sales and the recently signed deal with the Saudi Prison Service. What's the Wales Government "excuse"?

  2. Just how long are we willing to put up with cowardly government by the Labour party? What a shameful contrast with Scotland. Dafydd Williams