Sunday, 4 January 2015

The abandoned Syrians are refugees not migrants.

The Media seem intent on pandering to the Ukip prejudices in reporting on the Syrians abandoned by people traffickers on an animal cargo ship in the Mediterranean,.
Even the BBC in its new reports referred to these poor desperate people as migrants.
Its web reports statrs with
Abandoned Syrian migrants take refuge in Italy
Fortunately someone at the Beeb as some kind of conscience for it continues by referring to these people  as  
Refugees from the Syrian conflict, abandoned by people traffickers on an animal cargo ship in the Mediterranean, are being found accommodation in Italy.
Most of the 360 migrants, who included 74 children and four pregnant women, were said to be in reasonable health.
The ship, the Ezadeen, is the second vessel full of migrants to be abandoned off the coast of Italy this week.
Italian officials said that in the last year, they had rescued or found about 170,000 migrants and asylum seekers at sea.

Nearly all the other media tend to refer to these refugees from appalling conflict  where neither side seem to be one a decent humane democrat  would back.

Maybe referring to them as Migrants helps to dehumanise their plight .
Maybe its only when the cross the border into Jordan or Turkey they are refugees  and they become Migrants when they seek hope for a better life elsewhere .

Or maybe Nigel Farage and his backers in the Media have set the agenda when immigration becomes such a negative word it robs us of all our responsibility to our fellow human beings.

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