Friday, 30 January 2015

The most ridiculous and Insulting excuse for Welsh NHS failings ever,

BBC "Wales " have over the years have produced ridiculous stories underminding  our Language and but surely  culture but surely this takes the biscuit

Changing the names of some of Wales' health boards might help solve a shortage of junior doctors.

The BBC(West Briton) tells us That is the view of the man in charge of training, with 400 places unfilled.
Prof Derek Gallen believes a perception of Wales is a problem, with junior doctors knowing Cardiff but not sure where Hywel Dda or Betsi Cadwaladr is.
He also says a shortage of junior paediatricians puts pressure on rotas and in turn hits the quality of their training and exam results.
Prof Gallen is postgraduate dean for the Wales Deanery, which oversees training for doctors across the country from when they qualify until they become fully fledged GPs or consultants.
Geography and perception of Wales are issues he comes across and recruiting to north and west Wales is a particular problem.
Prof Gallen also believes some junior doctors think they have to speak Welsh to work here.
"There's a perception they don't understand the geography, that they will have long commutes between trusts on their rotations and that they will have to speak Welsh," 

We might  well wonder on the Intelligence of a Doctor who is put off by the use of Welsh Names.

Prof Gallen  apparemtly believes students and junior doctors are struggling to easily identify areas of Wales outside Cardiff and the Vale due to the health board names.
"When you're applying for jobs you'd have to work quite hard to find out where that is in Wales, and what it's near, so that is certainly an issue.
"In a collective sense it's difficult for people to know the whole of the Pembrokeshire coast is Hywel Dda. Most of middle class England holiday here but there's a perception they don't want to work and live here - and the work-life balance is fantastic.
How bloody hard do you have to work to find where a board is in Wales or the rest of the UK .Do we have Doctors who can't use a simple internet search engine.

This  Map took me less than a minute
The Welsh Health Boards and Velindre Trust  . Confusing aren't they?

What does he suggest changing Hywel Dda to for example?

Probably after some English Monarch.

And that's a  point  if there is a problem then there is a tendency to give  a Hospitals names related to Royalty

My local Hospital The Royal Glamorgan (as opposed to the Royal Gwent .) is nicknamed the Camilla because it lies between the Prince of Wales in Merthyr and the Princess of Wales in Bridgend.

We have seen many excuses for failing of the NHS in Wales but this is the most pathetic and insulting I have ever heard and the BBC(West Briton) should be ashamed for treating it as a serious  story

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