Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mebyon Kernow should join the Anti-Austerity Bloc.

Congratulations to Mebyon Kernow leader Cick Cole  who announced in his Blog on Thursday  that he was Launching  a Crowdfunder appeal to raise funds for his  General Election campaign in the St Austell and Newquay seat. 

The initial target is £1,000 was passed in 24 hours  and these monies will go towards his  main election leaflet, which will be delivered to all homes in the constituency. Any additional monies received will then fund window posters, poster boards and extra leaflets for party volunteers.

I am really humbled that we have passed our initial target of £1,000 in such a short time. At this time of writing, the total raised is £1,055.

But the fundraising continues. MK now have a “stretch target” of £3,000 and every additional pound raised will fund window posters and poster boards to make MK visible across the constituency, as well as extra leaflets for volunteers.

If you wish to hwlp e help Dick and MK by publicising this appeal as far and wide as we can.

The Crowdfunder appeal can be found:

Dick has a uphill struggle especially  when you consider how much the Tories and LibDems will pour into the constituency but ther are votes up from grabs from those parties who have all agreed on continuing the disastrous Austerity oroject.

General Election 2010: St Austell and Newquay[8]
Liberal DemocratStephen Gilbert20,18942.7-4.5
ConservativeCaroline Righton18,87740.0+5.1
LabourLee Jameson3,3867.2-6.6
Mebyon KernowDick Cole2,0074.2+4.2
UKIPClive Medway1,7573.7-0.4
BNPJames Fitton1,0222.2+2.2
Liberal Democrat holdSwing-4.8

 After the European Elections The Green Candidate elected to the South West England publicly thanked MK for their support during the campaign.

Its therfore  a pity that there is A Green candidate selected for St Austell and Newquay

Meanwhile Plaid and the SNP can helo MK by bringing them into the Anti-Austerity Bloc with the Greens .
I am sure some Plaid members get annoyed when it appears that Scotland and the SNP are the only story and would sometimes like a their Scotish friends to mention them a bit  more ,

Mebyon Kernow may feel even more aggrieved when they seem to be left out of the message.

A day in the Constituency by a senior Plaid member may bring in welcome publicity.

The growth in Green party membership throughout the UK shows that the Anti Austerity Message is getting through.

Lets see MK join in.

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  1. Good to see a welsh blogger posting an article on Mebyon Kernow Glyn, as all too many people are still unaware of this progressive political organisation and also the wider issue of cornish identity too.

    And youre right Glyn - Mebyon Kernow should be invited to join the anti auisterity bloc.

    On the matter of Cornwall we were delighted to see Natalie Bennet recently reaffirming green party support for a Cornish assembly.

    And for those who want to know more about the campaign for a Cornish Assembly