Saturday, 10 January 2015

Where is "Welsh" Labour"?

Walking home the other morning  Iwas met with a group of about 5 Middle aged men walking down the street delivering  leaflets and something inside my head said Labour Party.

And as I opened my door I was greeted with a four page  "Newspaper" called Labour News.

At least it did not call itself "Welsh Labour" News  for there was very little Welsh context

Apart for a piece on investing in the welsh NHS the only other difference you would note  the other side of the border is a picture of Alas Smith and Jones outside the Welsh Assembly

Interestingly the caption reads

"Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones and Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith"

But if Carwyn was really Welsh Leader you may have thought he might have graced us on his views on the future of Welsh devolution

Strangely  there was  no mention of  Plaid  ad the Coalition get a bit of stick but it is Ukip and Farage that are get maost of their  attack

This may be due to Labour here believing Ukip are the biggest threat here or that its a generic  pamphlet were there's a slight tweak for "regions".

Still Labour attack on Ukip was not about their European or Immigration policy. Indeed Labour seem only to keen top jump on some of Ukip's bandwagon.

There is absolutely no use of the Welsh Language apart for the Welsh Labour Llafur Cymru logo.and I believe its disgraceful that a Party that has run  our Assembly since its inception still does not fully use the Welsh Language here.

Meri Huws is the Welsh Language CommissionerShe was chair of  Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg 1981 to 1983, and was a normal member of the Welsh Language Board between 1993 and 1997. She is (No surprise here) a member of the Labour Party.
Maybe if she doesn't have the power to ensure that Labour and other r Welsh Political Parties promote Welsh in their Literature but she could at least have a  private word with her leader here .

Former Scottish Leader Johann Lamont accused her party as treating Scottish  Labour as a branch Office

If that is true Welsh Labour is little more than a postal address. 

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