Monday, 26 January 2015

Greece. Can't Pay Won't Pay.

Whilst celebrating the victory of Syriza’in the Greek Election of is a call for celebration we must be aware where the true power lies.

The damning popular verdict on Europe’s response to financial meltdown may be en as a final warning for the EU’s political elite that people can not take any more of the Austerity programme .

However whilst they may not respond to a swing to the right like Ukip of the French National front the response from Brussels may be to strangle the new Government at birth.

For the first time, power has been handed to populist outsiders deeply opposed to Brussels and Berlin, albeit not anti-European, unlike their counterparts on the far right across the EU.

It may be that Brussels would prefer a right Anti-European Government in a Member State to a a party that may not be Anti-European.  Brussels may fear a Domino Effect in that at last after the Financial crisis which started in the USA (Which seems to have been forgotten) and now seems to be an European crisis, an explicitly anti-austerity party, will take office in the EU.

Plaid Leader Leanne Wood whose Party may Benefit from a Domino effect from Greece or suffer from the concentrated attack of of mainstream politicians allied with the media has welcomed the new Government.

She posted

The Greek election is significant for us all - throughout Europe. People there have accepted that "austerity is the crisis itself". All governments must respect the result. And all must be prepared to work with the new Greek government to end the pain & suffering of people there.

This election may just prove whir the power lies in Europe .

With the People where in Greece they have said Enough is Enough?

Or with the Political and Economic Elite who ironically met in the guise The World Economic Forum (WEF )at the  Davos last week and maybe have already formulated a plan to destroy the new Greek Government s soon as possible?

Hopefully it will be the people who win but experience has nearly always proven otherwise.

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  1. Hopefully Glyn the election victory of the anti austerity Syriza will be the start of a process that ushers in the kind of progressive Europe those of us on the left want......a genuine 'Peoples Europe' - which would be the best antidote possible to the 'little englander' mentality of the anti european Ukip and sections of the tory party.

    Of course you're right to warn that right wing big business forces will try and strangle this peaceful 'revolution' at birth! But they might have their work cut out - given popular left wing anti austerity movements are breaking out in other parts of Europe.