Sunday, 9 July 2017

Welsh Government fails to act on Corbyn's Manifesto promise.

The Question of whether the Welsh Government should follow the example of the Scots and lift the 1% pay cap on public sector workers, as Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has urged exposes the limitations of devolution.

However, the Welsh Government insists that while it wants the cap scrapped this must be “funded by the UK Government”.

It warns that using its own cash to end the cap in Wales would involve taking £110m being taken from frontline services and could threaten 
“thousands of public sector jobs”.
It begs the difference what is the point of voting for or electing  a different Party in Cardiff Bay  to Westminster  if they are unable to carry out their Manifesto due to financial constraints?
Rhondda AM Ms Wood sought to step up the pressure on the Welsh Government to act unilaterally.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had been pressed by Labour, the Greens and trade unions to axe the cap.

This week she said that 

“with rising inflation and new Tory cuts to social security for working households it’s become increasingly clear that households need a break from Tory austerity”. The SNP has pledged that from next year, the Scottish Government will “end the 1% cap on public sector pay increases”....
....“Labour have been in charge of the health service here for almost two decades. But to date, they have failed to use devolution to protect Welsh public sector workers from the pay cap...
“The cap is grinding people down, making them want to leave professions they love and it is putting off the next generation from working in our public sector. It’s time must come to an end.
“The devolved governments in Wales and Scotland have the power to lift the pay cap and make unilateral pay awards. In Wales we have an NHS living wage and have kept the nurses bursary...
“The Scottish Government has announced that it will lift the pay cap for the NHS. They will work with unions to find the money in the 2018 budget. Wales refuses to do the same.
“All we need from Labour in Wales is a commitment to work towards finding the money.”....

Warning of the consequences for Wales if the cap remains in place, she said: 

“There will be costs if no action is taken. Nurse and doctor recruitment is already difficult, and it will become a real struggle if they continue to be underpaid, undervalued and scapegoated when things go wrong.
“Wales should be putting a premium on these workers and to keep and attract them. We should be prepared to pay them more than Theresa May will...
“Attacking Tory austerity is not enough; we can also do a number of things to frustrate its implementation in Wales... It is within our gift to make Wales the top destination for medical staff, by making pay and conditions a priority.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: 

“We are fully behind our public sector workers and are calling on the UK Government to end the cap on public sector pay and give workers across the UK a much-deserved pay rise.
“This must be funded by the UK Government. Lifting the cap unilaterally in Wales, for every 1% above the existing cap, would mean £110m being taken from frontline services, with £60m coming out of the budget for NHS Wales alone.
“This would threaten thousands of public sector jobs. We should not be using Welsh funding to resolve an issue that should be put right at a UK level.
“The UK Government must now do the right thing and lift the pay cap right across the UK public sector.”

Which is to some extent  a valid argument. but whereas Labour plans to end the "1%"pay cut was an actual  promise for England as it is a devolved issue.
No where in the "Welsh" Labour Manifesto  was a similar promise conditional  that Wakes could also do this, but would need extra funding , "Even if Labour were to win the Westminster Election".

The  Tories may have and argument that "Socialism  costs Money" bit they do not acknowledge that the benefits that it improved propellers life and if managed properly more than pay for itself in ending poverty.

Labour cannot push forwards Jeremy Corbyn  socialism m whilst criticising the SNP in Scotland who are actually mitigating as much of the Tory Cuts as they can and have the Party party here in Wales washing their hands of the issue and refusing to even attempt to  copy half of what the SNP government is able to do,

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