Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Nasty face of Unionism.

To some extent Wales  has not experienced the Sectarian  Politics  of Northern Ireland and parts pf Scotland , 

Although there were Anti-Irish riots in Non-conformist Wales  we sometime found common cause

Addressing a large and enthusiastic audience at Blaenau Ffestiniog on 12 January, 1886, Michael Davitt, the leader of the Irish Land League, declared:
“I rejoice that there is now a kindlier feeling and a better understanding between the Irish and the Welsh than that which obtained in years gone by.”
The meeting was chaired by Michael D. Jones, passionate land reformer, pioneer of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia and father of modern Welsh nationalism. The contribution of the two Michaels was the subject of an eloquent panegyric by the proposer of the vote of thanks.
“One Michael with his angels”, he said, “had thrown down Satan, what could two Michaels, one Welsh, one Irish, do if they worked in harmony.”
The speaker was David Lloyd George. He was then twenty‑three years old and this, his first major public speech, much impressed Davitt.
“You must get this fellow into Parliament”, he told Michael D. Jones. “He is saying in Wales what we are saying in Ireland.”
Four years later Lloyd George won the by‑election in Caernarfon Boroughs, thus launching his fifty‑five year career as a member of the House of Commons.

OK DLG may not have eventually ensnared  him self to Irish Nationalism . but then as niw we should  realise we have a common cause

so as we eventual head for Independence  we migh not sww such a statement as that of the Orange Order in Scotland as Wings over Scotland pointed pit
We can only  shudder to think what the reaction of Westminster Government reliant  on what could be legitimately called the political arm of the Orange Oder the DUP when Indyref 2 is called. 

Non Conformist Wales has slowly died along with Anti- Irish ( Catholic) sentiments  though it is now immigrants from the Rest of the World who are the victims  of the  prejudices we share. 

However when we finally get the courage to seek out own independence , we can only hope that  the nasty fave of Unionism does not  emerge 

Reading some of the comments after the Guardians  appealing attack  on Welsh Medium education  there are some real nasty Anti-Welsh Bigots who may emerge together  if not under a Orange flag something reminiscent.

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