Friday, 14 July 2017

Owen Smith's Orange Appeal?

What on earth was going through the mind of Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary   Owen Smith  when he Tweeted this yesterday?

Thanks to all across Belfast who welcomed me to the 12th celebrations yesterday. Well done to all who helped events pass off so peacefully.

The build up with the Bonfires were anything but peaceful and was  an intimidation of one half of the Northern Ireland Community.

From Burning

Sinn Féin,SDLP and Aliance  Party literature where the faces of Candidates are prominent

To Racially Abusing a Black Footballer because he palys for Celtic

To the showing of Racist Flags

Is Owen Smith so Naive that he can't see that his Tweet could be seen to endorse not only the Parades but what proceeded it.

As was pointed out

This was just some of the response to Mr Smith's Tweet.

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    2. Can it be that Labour feel that they should also court Northern Ireland Unionist just in case the Tory-DUP pact collapses and they might form a Lab coalition which might not include the DUP but rely on Goodwill from them.

    3. I know Owen Smith is a strong defender of the Union but this too far by half.

    4. This remember is someone who was a the challenger to Jeremy Corbyn when the Labour right were convinced that the latter was leading them to electoral disaster.
    5. Even those who still oppose Corbyn in the Party must admit that the Gaffe Prone Mr Smith woul have struggled even against the disasteous Tory campaign last June.

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