Sunday, 16 July 2017

Plaid needs an Independence movement rather than a sister party.

What should  we make of Welsh AM Adam Price calls for Plaid to have a "Sister Party"?

Mr Price argues elections are now not won by parties alone but by movements. He acknowledges the role played by Corbyn-supporting group Momentum in helping Labour deliver its better than expected result, and notes how President Trump and Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders each won personal movements of support.
Describing the lessons for Plaid, he said:
 “We talk about being the Party of Wales. Well, maybe our encapsulation also needs to be about being the movement of the future because that’s the [unique selling point] that Plaid represents.
“Every political party now in Wales claims to be a party of Wales. I think that where we can be radically different is that we represent a different kind of Wales...
“We need to have a movement alongside us which is part of our wider hinterland. I’m not sure that the party as a party can do this all on its own.”
 “Could you imagine a situation where there was a sister party which was allied with us in the same way that maybe the Labour party and the Co-operative party are allied...
“[Pro-Welsh independence group] Yes Cymru is a very, very lively political movement which takes a more radical line on the independence issue than Plaid is able to do...
“Could you imagine a sister party which works with Plaid and tries to appeal in those areas where Plaid is currently not breaking through?”
I an not sure that you can regard  YesCymru as a sister party but a movement that containing those who support Independence and of not just Plaid members but those on the Left and Right  who maybe are frustrated that Plaid are not putting enough emphasis on Independence and that it should be emphasised more.

It is clear that in Scotland it was not just a SNP campaign  in the Independence Referendum and it could be argued  that the result where the Yes vote was strongest in Glasgow was because the voters there saw beyond the SNP to a different Scotland.

Yes Glasgow subsequently voted for the SNP in elections  but the kernel of hat vote may have come from those who previously were not SNP previously SNP campaigners.

The danger for Plaid is that the idea of another party could split the Plaid or the Independence movement appear to be divided  or split.

There are those who support Independence who do not vote Plaid and whether from a Right, left or neutral position , believe that Plaid is lax in its emphasis on Independence.

Certainly those in the Plaid leadership who argue that Wales is to poor for Independence now should, reconsider their argument.

However the development of Yes Cymru could well be the spur that puts Independence on the Map with Plaid concentrating on the nitty-gritty of everyday politics.

It is clear that in the Rhondda  Leanne Wood has won over voters and she should now try to expand this to the rest of the South wales valleys and beyond.

But at the same time winning power in the Assembly without  winning support for Independence would be only a temporary respite in our decline to being poor West Britons.


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