Saturday, 22 July 2017

Carwyn last among equalls.

Michael Blackley is  Political Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail and secretary of the Scottish Parliamentary Journalists Association so this is a very interesting article.

Where this leave our own First Minister Carwyn Jones is anybody guess . Maybe  Westminster don't even believe Carwyn is on the same level as Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns" and he is directed to  one of his deputies.

So the Secretary of States is on an equal basis  with the First Minister of the devolved legislature including  Northern Ireland 

Well when the impasse over the Northern Ireland Assembly is over whose going to tell Arlene Foster that she will not have access to Mrs May but  James Brokenshire.

Or will it depend on the DUP MPs voting with the Government ?

The Welsh and Scottish Governments have launched a formal bid to get the UK Government to give each administration a cash windfall after it agreed a £1bn deal to stay in power with Northern Ireland’s DUP.
The two administrations say Wales should receive an extra £1.67bn with Scotland receiving an additional £2.9bn.
Perhaps after the  Mrs May doesn't want to meeting Nicola or Carwyn  starting each enc outer with "Wheres my money."

There are no Tory MPs in Northern Ireland and in the recent past both Wales and Scotland have been Tory free.

This has seen MPs for English constituencies some of whom having only tenuous  connections to Wales appointed Secretary of State.

There has also been some doubt of who leads the shade of Unionist Party in Wales and Scotland that in the legislature or the Westminster appointed one.

Since 1999 there have been calls for the office of Welsh Secretary to be scrapped or merged with the posts of Secretary of State for Scotland and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, to reflect the lesser powers of the role since devolution.

This does not seem to be the thinking of Mrs May  and  she seems intent on ignoring Scottish and Welsh concerns over Brexit . Unionist may applaud this move and Carwyn may not worry to much. 

Does he even care about how we are perceived outside Wales compared to Scotland?

But in Scotland it will be seen as an almighty snub and a part with only 13 MPs out of 59 and  31 out of 129 MSP have an equal voice with the Scottish Government.

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