Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Can Labour ignore their Welsh Branch running of the NHS?

It  may not be easy being in opposition for a long period  but there a real advantage in that you have the luxury of criticising the Government and not really come up with solutions .

The NHS is a prime example and Labour have a open goal at Westminster as the NHS in England flounders.

The same apparently is true in Scotland as Labour attack the SNP government handling of the NHS there,

Her's Scottish Labour Branch Manager Kezia Dugdale recently

But as Wings Over Scotland points out when it comes to running the NHS  where Labour are in power they come spectacularly short.

In a series of  clips from articles Wings  makes a very embarrassing  revelation of a devolved legislature  running of the NHS.

Here are just two ( you can see the rest here,

In reality I think that no matter what funding or reorganization  any UK government does. there will always be a situation in which the public expectations feel more can be done.

That does not let Labour of the hook , they have been running the Welsh NHS since  1997 (before and after devolution).

They have avoided scrutiny because and  to some extent voters still blame the Westminster Governments failings on Westminster

I freely admit I don;t know how we can improve the NHS in Wales especially  to the level where we boast that it is the best run in the Islands (and not the worst) and opposition parties should explain more what they think can be done, with realistic spending commitments.

If Plaid or any other party where to find themselves in charge of the Welsh NHS  they will find that a long term program which is what the NHS needs may be negated by the needto spend money to get visible results in less than a year,

We need to get out of a Voting Auction where impossible spending commitments are made in Parties manifesto and concentrate on managing what we havewhilst preparing for a long term future.

Is this possible? Sadly any goverment will face criticism for its handling of the NHS the week after it takes power and 

The ironic thing is is that Labour in Wales shrug of such criticism, without even giving us a long term plan.

But if the NHS is an open goal for Labour in England I don't blame those for pointing out their failings here,


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