Monday, 10 July 2017

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have no voice.

It is top early to arrange the final funeral of the Welsh Liberal Democrats ,but surely their health gives us cause  for concern?

With only 62 local government seats No Welsh MPs and only 1 AM who is shackled by being Education Minister  in the (Not as Coalition) Labour Government

Ironically their only real presence is in the House of Lords  where 6 Peers sit 3 pf whom are former AMs

They don't even  have the comfort in claiming that the Westminster First Pass the Post  system was unfair to them in June
1 / 36
Conservative victory
2 / 36
Conservative victory
3 / 36
Conservative victory
1 / 36
Conservative victory
2 / 40
Labour victory
2 / 40
Labour victory
4 / 40
Labour victory
3 / 40
Conservative hung parliament
Coalition with Liberal Democrats
1 / 40
Conservative victory
0 / 40
Conservative hung parliament

Their problem is that when Wales once sat a similar position of having zero Welsh Parliamentary seats, they could still appoint  an MP for an English Constituency as Shadow Welsh Spokesman with only  12 Liberal Democrat  MP's their front bench have to share a number of Portfolios and there will be little room for Welsh Issues. 

So apart for its Peers it leaves only their sole AM the  former La Pasionaria  pf the Assembly  Kirsty Williams who however  as a Government Minister can't attack the Welsh Government in the same way in which she had been a true star of the last Assembly.

But even if she was to quit the government  she would not get automatically called by the Llywydd.

She does make a brave dishonest defence pf her portfolio  as she prepared her defence of predictions  that   Welsh  GCSE results are expected to be lower in Wales this year than previously, the body overseeing qualifications has said.
The predicted decline is being blamed on schools entering more pupils for the exams a year earlier than intended.

Ms  Williams warned pupils capable of high grades could be missing out by sitting the exams early and not being re-entered.
She told BBC Wales she may stop schools entering pupils for exams a year early.
Speaking on the Sunday Politics Wales programme, Ms Williams said she would consider the matter after an investigation reports back to her in the autumn.
We can only wonder what the former La Pasionaria  would be saying  if she was still the leader of a LIb Dem Assembly group.

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