Wednesday, 26 July 2017

John Mcdonnel should answer why Labour block rail devolution.

The cancellation of the electrification of the Cardiff to Swansea stretch of the Great Western line was an act of “retribution” by a Conservative Government, according to John McDonnell.

According to the Wasting Mule Labour's Shadow Chancellor claims the party was given a bloody nose by voters and is now abandoning Wales.

Describing the cancellation of the electrification as “absolutely appalling”, he said: 

“It demonstrates [for] me exactly what this Government is all about. They are abandoning Wales, basically...
“They have had a bloody nose from the election and in some ways this is retribution.”
He described the way the announcement was made on the last day of parliament in a written statement as a “democratic disgrace”.
 “Normally what would happen is that you’d have an oral statement from a minister, normally the Speaker would allow an hour’s questions so you’d be able to tease out the information. Often as a result of that you’d be allowed an Opposition Day to debate the issue...“No way to run a democracy, is it?”
Whether you agree with John McDonnell or not  if Labour hadn't backed the Tories  in blocking the Silk Commission  recommendation of Devolution of regulatory powers over transport including ports, rail, buses and taxis and a greater say in determining the rail franchise. would we see the assembly responsible for this and automatically get its share of UK expenditure through the Barnett Formula to pay for this.

If these powers wee devolved electrification may well have been completed now and we may well be looking at other  projects electrification of the North Wales line or reopening the Carmarthen Aberystwyth lines.

The truth is that Labour in backing the Tories  in limiting  devolution in Wales are holding back Wales.

John McDonnell must explain why his party is opposed over the devolution of Transport.

Could it be that they will not be able to blame the BIG Bad Tories for any failures .

Welsh Labour steerage of the NHS and Welsh Education has not been a success despite them being in power since the creation of the assembly.

We need to follow Scotland not only in Parity of Powers but in having a Party in power who are not a Branch Office of London and do not look there  for their masters approval.

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