Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Corbyn is in agreement with May over a Hard Brexit.

I usually agree with Another Angry Voice but I think he is probably mistaken in that Theresa May begging for help isn't a trap, it's just another pratfall,

"Whoever advised Theresa May to beg the opposition parties for help now that she's thrown away her majority clearly assumes that the British public are such a bunch of dull-witted simpletons that we'll have simply forgotten what the Tory narrative was just twelve weeks ago when Theresa May announced her vanity election."Crush the saboteurs" shrieked Theresa May's propaganda stormtroopers at the Daily Mail as she brazenly lied that parliament had tried to obstruct Brexit, when all they'd tried to do was to make two very sensible amendments to the Article 50 bill.One amendment attempted to mandate the government to begin considering the rights of EU citizens in the UK, and the other proposed a parliamentary vote on the final Brexit outcome (basically to stop Theresa May from unilaterally turning the UK into an pariah state by stropping away from the negotiations with nothing and triggering a global economic meltdown for which Britain and the British would be blamed).Then Theresa May spent the entire election campaign smearing Jeremy Corbyn and the other opposition parties from the comfort of her rigorously enforced Tory safe spaces, rather than facing them in honest debate".
All true of course but I think the May strategy  is probably to point out, that all their motives for it are different. Corbyn in reality is as much for a Hard Brexit as May,

Indeed it presents a difficult  position for those on the left who believe the decision to leave  was a mistake.

As AAV points out  many of those who are leading the Anti Brexit campaign are Blarites like the Labour MP Chuka Umunna who has established a cross-party working group to oppose extreme Brexit.

AAV writes

"While I see no problem with like-minded MPs forming cross-party groups to stand up for what they believe in, I do think that certain MPs should be incredibly wary of the kinds of people they're leap into bed with.
The leading Tory in the group is Anna Soubry who has repeatedly voted in favour of the Tory policy of economically punishing the majority of people with hard-right austerity dogma in order to fund ever more lavish handouts to corporations and the mega-rich.
The Leading Lib-Dem in the group is Jo Swinson. She is also an austerity fetishist who voted time and again in favour of George Osborne's socially and economically ruinous austerity dogma until she was lobbed out of her seat in the 2015 Scottish backlash against Tory/Lib-Dem austerity fanaticism. She's back again and nothing she has said has convinced me that she's willing to admit the error of her ways.
Then there's Chuka Umunna himself, who is still unwilling to accept that "let's cut our way to growth" is, and always has been a load of economically illiterate hogwash designed to con the gullible into supporting the very same kind of hard-right economic policies that created the conditions for the economic crash in the first place.
The reason we know that Umunna is still an austerity fetishist is that he openly claimed that leaving the Single Market would mean even more austerity measures would have to be imposed, meaning he's still refusing to admit the fact that austerity dogma is demonstrably the wrong solution to economic trouble.
There's no way I'm disputing that crashing out of the Single Market with no deal would cause a bloody big recession, it's beyond obvious that it would cause absolute chaos.

What I'm disputing is that austerity dogma is the solution to anything at all, self-inflicted or not".
Whilst AAV is right , How long do you think a Corbyn government will last during the Post Brexit economic disaster  before calls are made for the Tories to once again take control?

It may not be AAV's view but their is  an element among  Corbyn (maybe the man himself)  of "Socialism in One Country"  and the idea that Brexir will lead to the demise capitalism and a Socialist UK Utopia ,

Such a Utopia well have no truck with Scottish least of all Welsh aspirations, and revert to a form of British Nationalism with an English (London) perceptive .

Corbyn's  support for a hard Brexit is as dangerous as May"s and whilst those of us on the left should beware of some erstwhile allies , it should not prevent us for exposing the simple fact that we should watch with concern Corbyn  siding with May's Brexit if not voting with her abstaining  which guarantees  her a win anyway

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