Thursday, 20 October 2016

Who needs Ukip when there are Tory MP's like David Davies.

There  have been calls for MPs and Newspaper Editors  to have a scan to see if the they have hearts have to been condemned  by member of the British Association of Radiologist 

A spokesman said

You got to be joking we could take hours trying to find one from the Editor of the Daily Mail or MPs like David Davies .
We might to have to consider an MRI scan to be sure and with the waiting list they would have to travel Miles and out of hours to get one, like normal people they won't like that.

It comes after

Monmouth MP David Davies, chairman of the Commons Welsh Affairs select committee, said mandatory dental checks would reassure the public the system was not being exploited.

David T C Davies MP

After the arrival of 14 teenagers to the UK from Calais on Monday, the Monmouth MP said they “don’t look like ‘children”.

“I hope British hospitality is not being abused”, he added.

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, he said: 

“I think we’ve got a right to raise this question and the problem is if we don’t raise this question we allow ourselves to be carried along on a tide of emotion, Lily Allen-style with tears in our eyes. We’re not actually going to be able to help the people who need our help, we’ll just end up quickly exhausting the well of hospitality that exists in Britain.
“People in Britain want to help children but we don’t want to be taken for a free ride either by people who have somehow got to the front of the queue even though in some cases they clearly look a lot older.”
He added that he did not accept that it was “intrusive” to take an x-ray of someone.

Interestingly Mr Davies  seemed to have had looked older in his teens as Speaking of a gay school friend’s return to the hetero fold, Davies told the Guardian:

 “He’d started coming down to the pub at 16 with, you know, splits in his jeans, and started buying Erasure albums, and all the rest of it – and three years later he’s suddenly horrified by the whole thing!”

Personally  i would be useless as a Police witness if asked about the age of Teenager let alone one that has been forced to grow up swiftly fleeing from a War torn country and making an arduous and and possibly deadly journey to find themselves trapped in the jungle at Calais

Maybe those who selected these children should have elected adorable munchkins as the those who we first let in to the country.

Selection by how refugees look perhaps Mar Davies should consider this?

He seems to love making controversial statements  guaranteed  to get him into the media.

Who needs Ukip when we already have heartless bastard like David Davies in the party of Government. 


  1. "Who needs Ukip when we already have heartless bastard like David Davies in the party of Government"... well said Glyn! The likes of Davies and the racist right wing rabble he personifies would probably have objected to the kindertransport scheme in the late 1930s :(

  2. And former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw supports David Davies's stance

    This along with 293 MP's voting against EU citizens rights to live and work in the UK last night shows the need for an independent Wales asap.

  3. The brexit bandwagon bringing out the closet racists.