Thursday, 6 October 2016

Tories Anti Migrant Laws have a dark similarity to the past.

There has been some people who are comparing  Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt s of proposals at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham to crack down on immigration. with a speech made by the then Labour leader David Milliband  in 2012

The Tories  proposals are 
  • Forcing companies to list non UK nationals who work for them
  • Making the NHS 'self sufficient' so it does not rely on overseas doctors
  • Tough new visa rules for students
  • Plans to shame companies who turn down British staff

Whilst Milliband proposals were 
  • Forcing medium and large employers to declare if more than a quarter of their workforce is foreign, so that gaps in training British workers can be addressed, allowing them better to compete
  • Banning employment agencies from taking on only overseas workers
  • Extending the scope of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to all sectors where workers are being exploited
  • Setting up an early-warning system, run by the Migration Advisory Council, to highlight areas where the workforce is "dominated by low-wage labour from other countries"

Is there any difference?

Well there  would be if Milliband  had claimed what he was calling for was to protect Foreign workers from exploitation  but he does not appear to be the case .
Such is the  frenzy whipped up by the Murdoch Press and others like the Daily Mail that both the Tories now and Labour then do not even have to pretend that  is the migrants interest at heart.

We are entering a dodgy area and there are worrying parallels  with the first six years of Hitler’s dictatorship, government at every level—Reich, state and municipal—adopted hundreds of laws, decrees, directives, guidelines, and regulations that increasingly restricted the civil and human rights of the Jews in Germany.

The idea pf forcing companies to list non UK nationals who work for them certainly has a whiff of such measures 

Here are examples of anti-Jewish legislation in Nazi Germany, 1933–1939:
  • Decree of the Berlin city commissioner for health suspends Jewish doctors from the city’s charity services
  • Law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service removes Jews from government service.
  • Law on the Admission to the Legal Profession forbids the admission of Jews to the bar.
  • Law against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.
  • De-Naturalization Law revokes the citizenship of naturalized Jews and “undesirables.”
  • Law on Editors bans Jews from editorial posts.
  • Army law935  expels Jewish officers from the army.
  • Executive Order on the Reich Tax Law forbids Jews to serve as tax-consultants.
  • Reich Veterinarians Law expels Jews from the veterinary profession.
  • Reich Ministry of Education bans Jewish teachers from public schools.

  • The Mayor of Berlin orders public schools not to admit Jewish children until further notice.Law on the Alteration of Family and Personal Names forbids Jews from changing their names.
  • Law on the Profession of Auctioneer excludes Jews from this occupation.
  • The Gun Law excludes Jewish gun merchants
  • Decree against the Camouflage of Jewish Firms forbids changing the names of Jewish-owned businesses.
  • Order for the Disclosure of Jewish Assets requires Jews to report all property in excess of 5,000 reichsmarks.
  • Reich Ministry of the Interior bans Jews from health spas.
  • Executive Order on the Law on the Alteration of Family and Personal Names requires Jews to adopt an additional name: "Sara” for women and “Israel” for men.
  • Decree on the Confiscation of Jewish Property regulates the transfer of assets from Jews to non-Jewish Germans.
  • The Reich Interior Ministry invalidates all German passports held by Jews. Jews must surrender their old passports, which will become valid only after the letter “J” had been stamped on them.
  • Decree on the Exclusion of Jews from German Economic Life closes all Jewish-owned businesses.
  • Reich Ministry of Education expels all Jewish children from public schools.
  • Reich Ministry of Interior restricts the freedom of movement of Jews.
  • The Reich Interior Ministry forbids Jews to keep carrier pigeons.
  • An Executive Order on the Law on the Organization of National Work cancels all state contracts held with Jewish-owned firms.
  • Law on Midwives bans all Jews from the occupation.
  • Decree Concerning the Surrender of Precious Metals and Stones in Jewish Ownership.
  • The President of the German Lottery forbids the sale of lottery tickets to Jews.
Is it over the top to suggest  a comparison?

I don't think so. Pandering to the Daily Mail and its almost Daily anti- immigration headlines will lead to cal;s for even more draconian headlines.

As the true cost of Brexit becomes clear the Tories and those who fought for Leave will be looking for scapegoats .

No they have already identified them what it will may lead to can only worry decent people and we must act now.

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