Monday, 17 October 2016

It should be Labour AM defecting to Plaid if they want a future for Wales.

In a recent interview  the Wasting Mule  new Shadow Welsh Secretary  makes some  valid points over Brexit

Quite rightly claiming  that  the  Conservatives are treating leaving the European Union like a “game”, 

The Cardiff Central MP wants parliament to have a vote on terms of Brexit and has pledged to use her new role on the Labour frontbench to push for the best outcome for Wales.
Ms Stevens describes Britain’s departure from the EU as the “biggest issue we’ve faced in my lifetime” and says it is “absolutely critical we get it right”.
She said:

“[The] danger is, the way the Government are talking at the moment, they are not even wanting parliament to scrutinise what they’re doing.She acknowledges that a majority of people in Wales voted to leave the EU but argues that “whatever happens in the negotiations, we have got to make sure that Wales gets the best possible deal.
 She added:

 “I see my job, and the job of the team here, as being to make sure that happens – in conjunction with what Cardiff and the Welsh Government are doing in Cardiff Bay...
“At the moment because of the steel crisis and what has happened there are hundreds and thousands of jobs across Wales that depend on our membership of the EU and there will be families in all parts of Wales who have got jobs in manufacturing, who have got jobs in public services, who have got jobs in agriculture, and they are worried.
“We need to have some certainty and security around that. That’s why the economy and Brexit have to be the main priorities.”

It is  a long almost Hagriographical article on Ms Stevens but throughout it all the Shadow Welsh Secretary  does not seem to have had time to  explain where she believes the future of Welsh Devolution  is heading.

As Welshnot British points out

I suppose  she might argue that this is for the Party in Wales to decide but there is no evidence of this .

I understand that there is probably an understanding within the Labour Parties in Westminster and Cardiff Bay that neither the First Minister or Welsh Secretary (or shadow in this case) should even acknowledge the prospect of Wales getting anything like parity with Scotland.

This is the party that Dafydd Elis Tomas thinks Plaid should have given more support to in the Assembly.

Throughout the Corbyn - Owen leadership elections the future of Welsh Devolution was absent from the debate.

Indeed whilst there are aspect of Momentum the grassroots movement supportive of Corbyn and the Labour Party I find myself in agreement with it stil seems to be another Left Wing  grouping that has no time for the concept of Devolution of power .

Small wonder that in Scotland Owen Smith seemed to have beat Corbyn as those who would have backed Corbyn  left for the SNP, and Scottish Greens a fair while ago.

Is there any senior Labour Welsh politician  prepared to put his or her head up and call for an Assembly with real powers that can address our nations constant decline into one of the poorest  parts of Europe.

Indeed now is not the time for Plaid AM AM's  to back Labour  its the time for things to go the other way .

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  1. Are there any Welsh Labourites in particular who you think might defect?