Sunday, 2 October 2016

Is this worse than a bad translation into Welsh

We get many stories of bad translations  into Welsh of official signs but even worse are half-hearted  attempts 

Here is a directional signs to the Royal Mint Experience  a new visitor attraction at the Mint's Llantrisant site.

I took this photo on my phone as I walked towards Talbot Green the other day

How ridiculous  is it not to translate The Royal Mint into Welsh. 

Y Bathdy Brenhinol, seems to be the official translation so why has that not been used?

The sign was hanging of its hinges but I suspect this was not part of a campaign to remove the signs.

If we are going to have a Bilingual Wales perhaps the Welsh Language Commissioner powers should be extended to compelling public bodies not only to use bilingual signs but to ensure they are correct and replace them immediately if the translation is incorrect.

However compulsion should not be necessary both the AA and Royal Mint are sufficiently and  should be able to ensure that this does not happen again. 


  1. Agreed- but it's not just the use of the "Royal Mint" which is incorrect Glyn.

    You can't just translate "Experience" into "Profiad" in this particular context, because it has a completely different meaning in Welsh.

    A correct Welsh translation should be " Dewch i brofi'r Bathdy Brenhinol" or maybe a more creative one would be: "Byd y bathdy brenhinol".

    Cymru Rydd

  2. Thanks that's whybi only concentrated on Royal Mint hoping that was correct and others would continue.