Monday, 24 October 2016

Lost "Yes Prime Minister "script (A Grown up relationship).

As Prime Minister Theressa May meets the First Ministers  of the Devolved Nations  to discuss Brexir  there comes a announcement that  Ms May will push for a “new grown up relationship” between the different governments of the UK when the PM meets with them in Downing St on Monday.
Mrs May will invite First Minister Carwyn Jones and his counterparts from Scotland and Northern Ireland to help build a new industrial strategy for the UK when they come together at the Joint Ministerial Council (JMC).
Mrs May will announce measures to put the JMC on a more formal footing.
These include:
  • Guaranteeing meetings at least once every 12 months;
  • Committing to an annual report of the committee’s work and priorities; and
  • Stating that the event will be hosted by each of the four governments on a revolving basis.
Wow once a year 

According to the BBC

Ms May will be joined by Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones  Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness, as well as Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns on Monday.

Interesting,  Are the other Cabinet Secretaries,  David Mundell (Scotland) and James Brokenshire (Northern Ireland) also in attendance?

We cam assume so  otherwise it would be a statement that Carwyn, has no real say and the voice of Wales really comes from whoever the Tories (and it must be said Labour )  appoint to be Governer General  Welsh Secretary.

Of course our voice has been supposedly  weakened because unlike Northern Ireland and Scotland we voted with England for LEAVE, but  even if we had backed REMAIN, would it make any difference?

You can imagine the conversation at Number 10. with  the "Sir Humphrey" equivalent today,

PM. I suppose we will have to ask the leader of the Welsh Assembly.

Sir H: I'm afraid so Prime Minister it might make the natives a bit restless.

PM: Really I thought we had them under control or so Alun tells me.

Sir H:  Yes but there no need to to encourage them  and anyway I understand the First Minister there is nothing like  that Ms Sturgeon or the two from Northern Ireland.

PM: What's his name again>

Sir H: Um (consults notes) Carwyn Jones i understand he quite content to run what we give them and is a pretty laid back gentleman.

PM: At least its not that Woman with that accent who give poor Mr Cairns such a hard time the other day?

Sir H: Exactly and perhaps we should not rock the boat and allow Wales to believe it somehow being treated equal.

PM: Well we don't want another Ms Sturgeon after all if we are going to have "a grown up" relationship , I don't have time for another one , Perhaps we could put Mr Jones in a creche ( laughs) ?

Sir H:  Well we could let him think he's actually has a say.

PM: OK we'll let him in but let Alun know he's still in charge over the Principality.

Sir H: Yes Prime Minster.

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