Saturday, 8 October 2016

Risca East and Gilfach Byelections.

There were two By-elections on Caerphilly Council  on Thursday  a council where Plaid must have hopes are intent on gaining a fir number of seats  next May

Caerphilly UA, Gilfach – 6th October 2016
Labour 254 [57.9%; -28.0%]
Plaid Cymru 150 [34.2%; +20.0%]
UKIP 6.4% [+6.4%; +6.4%]
Green 1.6% [+1.6; +1.6%]
Majority: 104
Turnout: 28.8%
Labour hold
Percentage change since 2012

Previous Result 2012

Labour 553 (85.87%)
Plaid 91 (14.13)

Caerphilly UA, Risca East – 6th October 2016
Labour 400 [58.9%; +1.6%]
Plaid Cymru 120 [17.7%; -1.1%]
UKIP 117 [17.2%; +17.2%]
LD Matthew John Kidner 42 [6.2%; +6.2%]
[Independent [0.0%; -24.0%]]
Majority: 283
Turnout: 14.5%
Labour hold
Percentage change since 2012

Previous Result

Labour  953, 789,769
Independent   399

Neither seat are probably on Labour hit list for next May the Gilfach  (Bargoed)result willbe encouraging  whilst they need better results than Risca East'

The divergence in tjhe Labour vote between the Two wards may well reflect the impact of Labours Local Plan which has had a mixed reaction among the electorate.

Plaid obviously would like the sort of swing  they received  in Gilfach  replicated next year . They may well be hoping that there will be straight fights between them and Labour  in a number of seats , where voters ho do not want a Labour council do not support another Party.

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  1. Obviously difficult to read very much into election results on such low turn outs but depressing to see the kippers still pulling in votes in caerphilly. Not sure what's going in places like caerphilly that's resulting in large numbers of working class people voting for a party with an economic programme even further to the right than the tories. Do they for example know what the kippers would do the nhs and education?