Monday, 4 January 2016

Welsh Turkey may not vote for Christmas.

The Conservative MP for  Montgomeryshire. has been writing in his Blog on the Plans by David Cameron to reduce the Number of MPs and in particular. and it seems that he is not a huge fan

He writes
The changes in Wales will be more radical that anywhere else. I'm not one bit happy about this, but it's difficult to argue against it. There has been a history of over-representation in Westminster from Wales. And much governing responsibility has been devolved to the Welsh Assembly. While the reduction in MPs in total is to be about 10%, the reduction of Welsh MPs is likely to be over 25% - from 40 to 29. And the Boundary Commission for Wales does not have nearer the same level of flexibility to create 'natural' constituencies. There will total devastation of our Parliamenary constituencies map. Just typing out these words brings a tear to my eye!!
The argument over Wales being over represented is one I expect to be put forward regularly during the debate . But it is a false one. If Wales is recognised as a separate Nation whilst  Better Together" in the UK then surely the case can be made for more Welsh MPs (and Scottish and Northern Ireland) rather than less even if it not a Federal situation.

The case for Wales is even stronger under English Votes for English Laws Welsh MPs  opposed to such Legislation that is not devolved to the Assembly  will not  be able to hope Scottish MPs will back them.
We will nearly always be outvoted and it seems  particularly harsh to make this certain by cuttng the Number of Welsh MPs

Mr Davies goes on to say
The Conservative Party is generally keen on this change, even if I'm not. The existing boundaries give a totally unjustifiable advantage to Labour. In fact, I'd expect every non-Conservative MP to vote against adopting the new boundaries in 2018. It maybe that some Conservatives will also vote against. And there is only a very small majority. So we Conservative MPs are being told that "No Tory will be left behind". So far, no-one has told me what this means in practice. Wonder whether offering me a seat in Valleys Central if Montgomeryshire is abolished counts  as not being left behind!!! We shall see.
When he says "The existing boundaries give a totally unjustifiable advantage to Labour he has a point but that is no excise for Cameron the attempt to Gerrymander  constituency boundaries based on false data on the number of constituents because  they are basing it on the Electoral Register and not the True number a move which favours the Tories who are more likely to register.
The idea of  No Tory will be left behind" seems to indicate Cameron expects sitting Tories to be placed at a advantage.

There is one aspect that Mr Davies does not mention. There are no plans to cut the number of members of the House of Lords currently 822 (excl. 39 peers on leave of absence or otherwise disqualified from sitting) and growing with more being added every year.

Indeed  after the Tory Government recent defeats in the Lords we can epect Cameron to add even more of his Tories  to it.

Compare this with Ireland with the Lower House  Dáil Éireann has 166 members.  Whilst the Upper House Seanad Éireann consists of sixty senators:

It is ridiculous that there are more unelected Members Of the UK Parliament as a whole.

Will Glyn Davies vote against the plan?

If he does I hope its because he believes its wrong rather than to save his own seat

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