Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Tories as "The Workers Party" (only some though).

The Wasting Mule  gives space to Conservatives in Wales are not about “public schools, country mansions or trust funds”, Welsh Tory leader Andrew Davies has claimed as he launched a bid for the support of blue collar voters.
With the May Assembly elections looming on the horizon, Mr Davies wants to establish his party as a champion of “working people”.

The Vale of Glamorgan-based farmer said: 

“Forget the cliché of public schools, country mansions and trust funds. Welsh Conservatism is about freedom and fairness, and a belief that aspiration and hard work are by far the best route out of poverty and hardship.
“The party I lead is built on blue-collar Conservatism, and driven by a sense of hard work and aspiration... After 17 years of successive Labour governments, Wales remains the poorest part of the UK with many people on low wages, trapping them in poverty.”
 Davies was educated at Llanfair Primary School, St John's Preparatory School, Porthcawl, and later boarded at Wycliffe College, Stroud. so not Eton but pretty dam close .

Daran Hill,  who the Mule describes as one of Wales’ leading political consultants, said Labour and Plaid Cymru were making “overt” appeals to working-class voters but “aspirational” politics was now the “predominant preserve” of the Conservatives.

He said:

 “Class as an indicator of politics has been declining for many decades, as shown by significant research. However, there are some signs that this decade is significantly more class-based in terms of the strategies of some political parties than it has been in the past.

“Labour since 2010 and Plaid Cymru under Leanne have both adopted a much more overt appeal to working class voters and changed the vocabulary of their politics. The election of Corbyn has only reinforced this approach.

“What that has meant is that the ‘aspirational’ aspects related to class and class mobility have now become the predominant preserve of the Conservatives in a way they have not been able to dominate since the 1980s. They know that as well as a working class there is a huge section of the electorate which is
“Interestingly, though, when it comes to the education level aspect of class, the Conservatives are unique in Welsh politics in that a majority of their Assembly Members and Members of Parliament never attended university. This gives them a different perspective perhaps and also increases the party’s self belief in the ability of anyone to change their social status.
How can you be "aspirational" if you are dependent on Food Banks just to live?

How can you be aspirational if you have a major illness bit are forced into Job seekers allowance?   

How can you be aspirational if you re a Steel Worker in Port Talbot who has been made redundant.

Socialism is however all about aspiration  but it aspirational  for all .

It is not what I can do do make my life better it is about making everyone life better.

The Tories success has come from Thatcher on and which was shared by Blair was that you can win an election with the support of less than 30% of those eligible to vote.

So you cater for them  what Darren Hill who  refers to have " much more concerned with holidays and home ownership than it is with bedroom tax".

Those you intend to kick in the teeth are not going to vote for you they are  often not even to bother to vote . Indeed not even register. 

You convince people that Andrew Davies words

 After 17 years of successive Labour governments, Wales remains the poorest part of the UK with many people on low wages, trapping them in poverty.”

But you then  demonise those  above by labelling them as workshy and scroungers and of course lacking aspiration.

It could be argued that there are some in the Labour Party who have an interest in having a electorate base that is relatively worse off.

What we need is realise that we can create a Nation that caters for all and lift all out of poverty. Do this we need to copy Scotland where the Independence campaign united all and saw Labour and the Tories lose by the idea that "Another Scotland was possible".

It is up to Plaid and maybe the Greens to fight for Another Wales by first becoming the main Opposition in the Assembly by far and then replacing Labour followed by a successful independence  referendum.

Fail and poverty  under Labour or the Tories will always be with us.

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