Saturday, 9 January 2016

So did Stephen Doughty conspire with the BBC against his leader?

Labour has filed an official complaint to the BBC over the on-air resignation of Welsh MP Stephen Doughty from his post as a shadow minister.
Officials within the party are furious at the way the Cardiff South and Penarth MP stepped down from his post as shadow foreign minister – announcing his resignation live on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme on Wednesday.
Mr Doughty quit in the wake of the sacking of Pat McFadden from the Europe portfolio during Jeremy Corbyn’s controversial front-bench reshuffle this week.

 But  questions whether  Mr Doughty conspired with the BBC so that his resignation  could do the most damage,
In a since-deleted blog post for the BBC’s Journalism Academy, the Daily Politics output editor, Andrew Alexander, explained how political editor Laura Kuenssberg had “sealed the deal” for Mr Doughty to resign live on air.

However thanks to alert Bloggers like Munguin's Republic we can see what actually harpooned

If I was a Labour Party in Mr Mr Doughty constituency I would be asking him just what he think  was doing conspiring with the BBC in order to undermine his leader?   

This Blog is no fan of the Labour party and remember  they didn't even bleat even give tacit support to the BBC bias when it came to the Scottish Independence Referendum  I still  think the BBC needs to to answer  a lot of questions over its bias.

Recent BBC coverage has seen so called reporters looking more and more like mouthpieces for Government Ministers  whilst dismissing the  the oppositions stanpoint.

It must gall them even more that as in ther case of the Criticism  of the accelerated equalisation of State Pensions where critics  believe it is unfair on women who were born in the 1950s who have had to rethink their retirement plans on relatively short notice is coming from the SNP.

Of course the BBC senior BBC Staff are from the same Public School OxBridge  clique as the current Westminster cabinet.

But recent threats to the License Fee  means that the BBC  have no desire to anger the Tory government makes their compliance even more likely .

Of course the Ball was on the other foot during the Blair  years where Labour benefited from the BBC bias of the day.

But it is worse now and the claims that the BBC is unbiased looks to be hollow.


  1. Remember Sir John Nott, Thatcher`s "here today gone tomorrow" Secretary of State for Defence,walking out of a live interview with Sir Ro1bin Day on Nationwide....brilliant TV from a couple of Tories

  2. If my MP behaved like this, I'd be looking for his resignation from politics to be broadcast within the next two weeks...on live television.

  3. Irrespective of the BBC's role in the announcement, this 'live resignation' by the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth says much more about his political loyalties and integrity.

    Et tu, Brute?

  4. Of course Stephen Doughty made the selfish decision to resign on air and cause maximum damage to Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, but the sad fact is he’ll be returned as an MP in 2020 by Labour sheeple just like the repulsive Wayne David, Stephen Kinnock and Owen Smith their ilk. It’s hard to feel sorry for people who keeping voting for these venal, selfish MP’s.

    Laura Kuenssberg is also the second BBC Political Editor in a row to be caught out in blatant partisanship reporting against ‘enemies of the British state’following Nick Robinson’s blatant misreporting of Alex Salmond in the indyref