Sunday, 24 January 2016

BBC , Wasting Mule and "despite being taught in Welsh".

 If you were to follow the link to Wales Online on the the question newsreader Lucy Owen is asking herself as she starts thinking about which secondary school her seven-year-old should attend which is the subject of a BBC programme among all the Bullshit  you will see the line

She goes to see Wales rugby star Jamie Roberts, who was taught in Welsh until he was 18 and is now a qualified doctor who is currently studying for his Master in Science at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Though that is not the original line in the Wasting Mule  which reads.

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This has unleashed a Twitter Storm where Welsh Speakers have treated thee story with apt derision.

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I have got a girlfriend. #DespiteBeingTaughtInWelsh
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Twitter 14 hours
#despitebeingtaughtinwelsh I am a Westminster MP and they sometimes let me ask questions to the Prime Minister

Twitter 14 minutes @RhysCaerdydd: Despite being taught in Welsh until I was 18, I have a PhD in semiconductor physics. #despitebeingtaughtinwelsh https://t…
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 You can see much more here..

I am not sure whether the truly offencive line originated with the BBC  or The wasting Mule, but it does reflect that the BBC and the Mule appear to be deliberately trying to stir things up.

Monoglot English speaker Lucy is in a quandary over whether or not to send their seven-year-old son Gabriel to a Welsh medium secondary school.
Welsh fluent Rhodri certainly wants him to go, thereby carrying on the bilingual tradition that’s run in his family for generations.
It’s an issue that’s dividing the pair more than ever before, and – as part of BBC Wales’s How Wales Works season – Lucy’s gone and made a documentary about it.
Welsh or English? Lucy Owen’s Big School Dilemma sees the BBC Wales Today star confess her fear that, by sending Gabriel to a ‘siarad Cymraeg’ comprehensive, she’ll become increasingly unable to support him or be involved in his education.
I presume Lucy Owen is an Intelligent and interdependently minded Woman who works in an institution (BBC) where there are numerous numbers of Welsh speakers who come from Monglot English only backgrounds.

So she must have had some conversations with workmates who have experienced this.

If this programme covered a ordinary member of the public, looking in to where they send their child it might have some worth.

But it seems to me to have  set  out to court controversy.

 But I doubt that those responsible did not realise  that one line of "despite being taught in Welsh" has turned the while programme into a laughing stock.


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Anonymous said...

My son is currently studying medicine in Glasgow, 'despite' being taught in Welsh until he was 18.