Thursday, 21 January 2016

Cameron dodges the question on steel.

 Prime Minsters Question time should of course be renamed Prime Ministers  doesn't answer the Question but provide a soundbite time.

Wales Online may think that David Cameron was put on the spot by Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards in the first Prime Ministers  doesn't answer the Question but provide a soundbite time.since Tata Steel announced the jobs losses which are expected to see 750 positions go at Port Talbot.

Mr Edwards sought to put the prime minister under pressure about the UK’s friendly relationship with China at a time when the country’s “dumping” of cheap steel is blamed for much of the woes facing the UK’s industry.

He said:

“The UK Government is a cheerleader for China to be awarded WTO Market Economy Status (MES) because it wants the City of London to become a major trading centre for the Chinese currency.
"MES for China would make it nigh-on impossible to impose tariffs on Chinese steel despite its dumping strategy.
“Is this not a classic case of once again the Westminster Government putting the bankers of London before manufacturing workers in Wales and the rest of the UK

He said: 

I have to say, I think the honourable gentleman is wrong both on content on approach.
"The two issues are separate – there are market economies that Europe still puts dumping tariffs on; we actually did that recently on America and we’ve done it in the past with Russia, so I think we should take these two issues separately.
“We should continue to pursue robust action against China, which is exactly what we’re doing based on the merits.
"But in terms of a closer [trading relationship] with China, I want to help those Welsh businesses including companies like Airbus to break into Chinese markets and make sure we get the best for British jobs, British manufacturing, British exports – that’s what we want in our relationship with China.”

Cameron acknowledges that  placing dumping Tariffs was possible but doesn't explain why it was not done and it is now to late.

He then tries to put a positive spin by talking about something else.

When it comes to answering questions from his own backbenches  on the lines of 

If the Prime Minister visited my constituency he would find what a wonderful success  is policies were having on my constituents.

I'm sure that the Scottish First Minster armed with notice of the Question also dodges giving a actual answer.

Of course the same thing happens in the Assembly though Carwyn Jones often struggles to come up with a positive spin or soundbite.  

 I'm sure that the Scottish First Minster armed with notice of the Question also dodges giving a actual answer. 

Is it not time that in PMQ (and FMQ) consisted of questions that the Prime Minister did not have prior knowledge of?

Well it would probably nor work al that would happened would be a vague promise that he or she would look into it followed by a sound bite not connected to it.

It all goes to show that the weekly 30 minutes of PMQ's  is all about giving the impression that  we live in an "Accountable Democracy" but in reality it is side show controlled and manipulated  by the party in government.


  1. Actually I do not know why you brought Nicola Sturgeon into this but she does actually answer questions, the nature of the Scottish Parliament means she has to, not so the pantomime which is Westminster. I am sure the three muppets at Holyrood wish wholeheartedly that she didn't. His disrespect for Plaid Members echoes is disrespect for the SNP. I would carefully listed to answers given to any SNP MP.

    1. Sorry Helena I was trying to avoid charges of bias. I do not have much experience of FMQ in Holyrood but given the caliber of Unionist there I doubt that Nicola needs to emulate the evasive tactics of David Cameron or Carwyn Jones.