Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Will Brittania Wave the Rules after a YES vote.

As the Polls narrow  in the Scottish Independence referendum. We will  see renewed calls  for A Second referendum


Polling organisation/client Sample size Yes No Undecided Lead
28 Mar - 4 Apr Panelbase/Wings Over Scotland 1,025 41% 46% 14% 5%
20-24 Mar YouGov/Times 1,072 37% 52% 11% 15%
17-21 Mar ICM/Scotland on Sunday 1,010 39% 46% 15% 7%
18 Mar Release of Scottish Labour Devolution Commission Report
7-14 Mar Panelbase/Newsnet Scotland 1,036 40% 45% 15% 5%
26 Feb - 9 Mar TNS BMRB 1,019 28% 42% 30% 14%
6-7 Mar Survation/Daily Record/Better Nation 1,002 39% 48% 13% 9%
24–28 Feb YouGov/Scottish Sun 1,257 35% 53% 12% 18%
20–25 Feb IpsosMORI/STV 1,001 29% 55% 16% 26%
18–21 Feb Panelbase/Scottish National Party 1,022 37% 47% 16% 10%
17–21 Feb ICM/Scotland on Sunday 1,004 37% 49% 14% 12%
17–18 Feb Survation/Mail on Sunday 1,005 38% 47% 16% 9%
13 Feb Chancellor of the Exchequer's speech on currency union
29 Jan–6 Feb Panelbase/Sunday Times 1,012 37% 49% 14% 12%
28 Jan–6 Feb TNS BMRB 996 29% 42% 29% 13%
3–5 Feb YouGov/Sun 1,047 34% 52% 14% 18%
29–31 Jan Survation/Mail on Sunday 1,010 32% 52% 16% 20%
21–27 Jan YouGov 1,192 33% 52% 15% 19%
21–24 Jan ICM/Scotland on Sunday 1,004 37% 44% 19% 7%
14–20 Jan TNS BMRB 1,054 29% 42% 29% 13%
3–10 Jan TNS BMRB/BBC Scotland 1,008 28% 42% 30% 14%

The argument will be that Scots will be asked to affirm the negotiations  .
FORMER SNP leader Gordon Wilson says Scots should be asked to vote in a second “multi- option” referendum after independence – to settle the country’s EU membership, currency and defence.

Wilson seems to be arguing   that this will accept independence but clear up anomalies

But others have argued that there should be a second referendum to confirm the negotiations between the two governments  prior to Independence Day.

They will be calling for this  in the hope that a second referendum will See Scots backing off and accepting some  form  of Devo Max which Westminster will claim it what they really want 

Alistair Darling the former Labour Chancellor who has been taking flak for leading a lacklustre No campaign against Scottish independence, has blundered into deep water by raising the prospect of yet another referendum – this one for the rest of the UK, to vote on whether the Scots should enjoy currency union in the event of the Yes campaign winning independence this September.

It reminds me of the time I was working as a foreman in a Textile Factory.

Th two departments that worked a shift pattern were Dyeing and Finishing and Printing.

We worked a shift of 4 four ten hour shift at night . But Day were  Eight  hours Monday - Thursday  and six hours Friday.

The management thought that we should work days of four Ten  Hour shifts and we were balloted on this.

I was in favour of this and voted yes  but it was rejected by a large majority.

So the management decided that the Printers might vote Yes and balloted them again only to get another No vote.

That's it democracy in the Workforce.

Not so it was then decided that as the proposal affected the whole work force the whole factory should be balloted.

At this point I loudly announced that I would no longer vote and what they could do with their ballot paper.

Of course with the  whole factory voting including those who did not work shifts the proposal resulted in a Yes vote.

The question here is will Britannia Wave the Rules  and declare that a Yes vote in September especially if its close did not really reflect Scottish opinion and impose another referendum .

Do not be surprised if they do

I have jusy realised that the above is my 1,000 Blog  so thanks for those who follow it.

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