Thursday, 10 April 2014

Elfyn llwyd will be missed in Westminster and not only by Wales.

Plaid Cymru Westminster leader Elfyn Llwyd who has announced his intention to stand down in Parliament will be missed and not only in Wales

Last week Delyth Jewell from the office of  the Plaid Cymru MP  win the  Overall Researcher of the Year award at Westminster. and also  won the award for Crossbench or Other Parties’ Researcher of the Year. 

The panel of judges, made up of MPs, peers and National Chairman of the FSB, said her work on the stalking bill “went far beyond what would be asked of a researcher”. 

With Delyth work behind him Elfyn led the inquiry and presentation of the Bill 

He has also led calls for  care for military veterans and believes that he was excluded from committee stage of the Armed Forces Bill  bill, saying it "smacks of a stitch-up - in the same way as this toothless clause is stitching up veterans".

Yesterday he took the opportunity to tackle the prime minister on changes to legal aid.

He said MPs had been assured “those who were refused legal aid could still apply under the new exceptional funding scheme” which had been described as “vital safeguard”.
He said: “Between April and December 2013, 617 family law applications were made and eight were allowed. What kind of safeguard is that?”

Mr Cameron said: “I will look very closely at the cases that [he] has raised, but the key point is that we must ensure that our legal aid system is affordable. When we compare our system with those of similar common-law countries, we see that we are still spending far more per head than, for instance, Australia and New Zealand.
“[He] shakes his head, but it is no good for Members of Parliament to come to Parliament every week and vote against every single spending decision, while not recognising that we must get our deficit down in order to help our economy to recover.”

I don't want to  look like a sycophantic party hack (I'm not even a Plaid member) but it does seem that Plaid punch well above their weight in Westminster. Probably because Labour are afraid of upsetting the right wing press and therefore look little more than Blue-Tories

We can only hope Liz Saville Roberts who will be the Plaid Candidate at the next General election will carry on this tradition and that she is joined by more Plaid MPs .

Because what wales does not need is more Labour MPs  and certainly not those whose selection for a seat he has no connection with seems to be because his father was a former Labour leader and may rise high in the Labour Westminster ranks when he inevitably wins but will spend little time in Aberavon and do little for those who elected him pandering to that mythical creature Middle England.

A Elfyn Llwyd Mark 11 or the son of Niel Kinnock who would you want as your MP?

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