Monday, 14 April 2014

Is Carwyn really the new Enver Hoxha?

 It was the rhetoric of David Cameron which was disturbing  the Boarder of Death god help is

David Cameron’s message to the Welsh Tory conference when have a Tory leader and members of his cabinet payed so much attention to the Welsh Tory Conference or even acknowledged a boarder.

The speech also achieved the improbable in out-stripping the severity of warnings issued by another Tory big beast in Jeremy Hunt, who opened the conference warning of Wales “sleepwalking” towards a Mid-Staffs-style tragedy. as if he's running the NHS in England brilliantly.

Whose watch was that  Mid-Staffs mess on.Where is the privatisation in England leading to?

The idea that Wales under under the sleepy Carwyn Jones is lurching to a  becoming the new Albania und where carwyn Carwyn becomes another Enver Hoxha is laughable .

But not laughable is that this war between the Tories attacking the Welsh Government  non stop (noat tacks on Scotland and Northern Ireland on how their government are run I notice ) and Carwyn accusing them of being Anti-Welsh an they are "Standing up for Wales " having Forty Winks in an armchair more likely.

Cameron description is hardly going to help the Welsh economy protrayong us as a  second  Albania is sacrificing Wales this way worth it for a few more votes in Middle England?

Already Nurses are finding the political row over the Welsh NHS both "tiresome and demoralising", according to the head of the Royal College of Nursing in Wales.

RCN director Tina Donnelly said it was time for politicians to stop fighting and put patients at the forefront of moving forward.

The West and Russia often fought proxy wars African States   who suffered greatly from civil wars partly driven from outside.

How much will wales suffer as the Westminster parties fight the next General election  here where the solution is not in Westminster but in the hands of the People of wales if only they could reject the parties there.

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  1. I think not! Unless we're talking about advocating and fighting for Anti-Revisionist Marxism Leninism, thus, to build genuine socialism in one country there is no comparison to me. - E.H. Hoxha