Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Parti Québécois election gamble fails spectacularly.

The 41st Quebec general election was held on April 7, 2014 to elect members to the National Assembly of Quebec. saw a disaster for the ruling "Sovereignst " Party Parti Québécois
The Quebec Liberal Party under Philippe Couillard won a majority government of 70 seats, while the incumbent Parti Québécois finished second with 30 seats
PQ leader,Pauline Marois had a modest lead in the polls and appeared to have a realistic prospect of winning a majority government and so called a early election after only 18 Months in power  and it was a gamble that she spectacularly lost as well as her own seat

Polling firmLast date of pollingLinkPQQLPCAQQSONGPQOther
Election resultsApril 7, 2014HTML25.3841.5123.057.640.730.551.14
Angus ReidApril 4, 2014PDF2739257111
Forum ResearchApril 3, 2014PDF2444236021
Léger MarketingApril 3, 2014HTML293823911
EKOSApril 3, 2014PDF27.039.821.19.42.8
Ipsos ReidApril 1, 2014HTML2840181202
Forum ResearchMarch 31, 2014PDF2941197121
Léger MarketingMarch 23, 2014PDF3340159111
Forum ResearchMarch 19, 2014PDF3245137021
Ipsos ReidMarch 18, 2014HTML334014922
CROPMarch 16, 2014PDF3639131011
Léger MarketingMarch 13, 2014PDF3737149111
CROPMarch 8, 2014HTML363617812
Forum ResearchMarch 5, 2014PDF3840127021
Léger MarketingMarch 3, 2014PDF3735158121
2012 ElectionSeptember 4, 2012HTML31.9531.2027.056.031.890.990.89

However, the party's support began to collapse rapidly after the party announced Pierre Karl Péladeau, the president and CEO of media conglomerate Quebecor, as a star candidate.[1
 Péladeau's conservative and anti-union business background was widely criticised as being at odds with the party's social democratic history;[2] and his outspoken support for a third referendum on Quebec sovereignty quickly sidelined the issues — 

The media in Canada particularly outside Quebec have portrayed this as a massive ejection of the call for Quebec Independence 

Summary of the April 7, 2014, National Assembly of Quebec election results
Party[33]Party leader[33]CandidatesSeats
2012Dissol.Seats won
Parti QuébécoisPauline Marois124545430
LiberalPhilippe Couillard125504970
Coalition Avenir QuébecFrançois Legault122191822
Québec solidaireFrançoise David
Andrés Fontecilla
    Independent/No designation112-
Option nationaleSol Zanetti116

But it may well be that  people in Quebec have become disillusioned with PQ's dithering on the Sovereignty issue and it may well be that voters may well have been less than enthusiastic  over having to vote again so early.

What ever with Péladeau, conservatism (he won his seat) now rising in the party it may well see a move to support for Quebec Solidare who gained a seat in Montreal  where   Manon Massé  their first ever candidate in a byelection in 2006 was elected in Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques . You might even see Option Nationale  a centre left party which although polling very low seems to have a youthful and enthusiastic membership.

Whatever it looks like the case for Quebec Independence  has met received a major blow and the Canadian Federalist media who can teach our own Unionist media a lesson in "Project Fear" and misinformation can crow with delight.

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