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Welsh Media move to negativity over Scottish Independence.

The Wasting Mule reports with apparent g lee that 

a huge majority of Welsh people do not want Scotland to vote for independence and think it would be bad for Wales, t

The results of the YouGov survey, which questioned more than 1,000 Welsh adults on how they would vote, found that 62% answered No when asked if Scotland should be independent, with just 16% saying Yes
The results also showed nearly three-quarters either thought the decision would be bad for Wales (32%) or neither good or bad (41%), with just 10% saying it would be good for the principality.

Perhaps referring to our Nation as "the principality"  show something of the mindset at the Mule even the Beeb have stopped that.

They claim that

 " remarkably, 41% of Plaid Cymru voters at the last Westminster elections would say no to Scotland becoming independent, with 48% would be in favour.
 Maybe this reflects ab opinion that Wales will be left to the wolves of a Tory dominated Westminster  if Scotland were to leave the Unions

The Mule's appear  results contradict previous polling which suggested people in England and Wales were indifferent

Further poll details revealed only 12% support for Wales becoming independent, with nearly three-quarters polled (74%) against, while only 9% believed Wales would be economically better-off if independent, compared to 69% who believed Wales would be worse-off.

Which is curious in that a BBC Poll only two Months ago put the number on in favour of Welsh Independence  12 %

It could be as   Professor Roger Scully, from the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University, aid the support seemed higher, but said it could be down to the Yes/No choices of the question.

He said: “I don’t think that this means that support for Welsh independence is really increasing.

& increase He may well be correct but a  7% seems rather a lot

Ther eseems to be an increase in Welsh Media attitudes  towards Scottish  Independence .

Click on Wales has  David Torrance  a columnist with the Scottish Herald  ( A paper which is part of project fear to some minds)  writing n the curious case of the SNP’s shift from ethnic to civic nationalism which is in fact a attempt to  accuse the SNP of revering to crude ethnic Nationalism in the run up to September

..Although these developments are positive, in reality modern Scottish Nationalism is neither wholly ethnic nor wholly civic, but rather a mixture of the two. This is clear to anyone who regularly attends Nationalist gatherings. Although conferences are tamer affairs (they often resembled clan gatherings in the 1970s), last September’s pro-independence rally on Calton Hill in Edinburgh was ostentatiously ethnic, with a plethora of kilts, face paint, frayed banners and unsavoury characters from fringe European secessionist movements (this year’s event has been quietly shelved).
 He gores om..

The same goes for recent Scottish Government policy. As a 2012 survey of SNP policy documents and speeches by the academic Andrew Mycock demonstrated, the party’s shift from ethnic-based nationalism had “not been absolute”, with its framing of modern Scottish Nationalism drawing heavily on historical imagery that “explicitly recognizes the ethnicised foundations of the Scottish nation and state”.
SNP ministers, for example, had sought to “embed Scottish history, culture and heritage” in a range of policy areas, while “indigenous” languages such as Gaelic and Scots (previously “suppressed and oppressed”) had been promoted. This year’s Homecoming will again invite “blood Scots” to return to the mother country and, strikingly, the First Minister’s Holyrood office is dominated by a painting featuring a massive Saltire.
Talk of Scottish “values” is generally more inclusive but it still hints at an ethnic set of cultural (even moral) values that, of course, differ (usually in unspecified ways) from the “English” variety. This is a clever repackaging of cruder anti-Englishness and one Unionist parties such as Labour have been willing since the 1980s to buy into.

If you want a proper analysis

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Nationalism  on the  Bellacallodonia  Blog in which Robin Mcalpine demolish Torrances argument Including

"A simple guide for people who want to write about nationalism:

Ethnic Nationalism: is the belief that the nation is based (wholly or in large part) on people from the same ethnic background. For example ‘Serbs out’.
Cultural Nationalism: is the belief that the nation is based (wholly or in large part) on historical and cultural characteristic that make it different from its neighbours. For example, every nation state everywhere in the world.
Civic Nationalism: the belief that the nation is a territorially-defined entity with a democratic right to self-determination. For example: European Union nation states
The first defines citizenship in genetic (or very occasionally religious) terms. The latter two define citizenship in democratic, residential terms. Therefore an ethnic nationalist does not believe that someone from a different ethnic background (Pakistani, English) is a part of the nation. This form of nationalism is closely associated with fascism and apartheid".

 Read the whole of Torrance's article and McAlpine reply  and ask why is Click on Wales participating in this slur including the heading   

Scottish nationalism’s sense of blood and belonging

Maybe they should give an alternative analysis I suggest McAlpines tomorrow or have they simply shifted completely to the Unionist Camp.

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