Friday, 18 April 2014

Mule reaches new level of sycophantic drivel.

The Wasting Mule must be desperate for a story over the weekend.

For they tell us and you can read it here but have a sick bag ready.

A royal chair which formed part of the Prince of Wales’ historic investiture ceremony in Caernarfon Castle in 1969 has travelled hundreds of miles back home to its place of origin in North Wales.

Did a Royal Arse sit on this ? Who cares

Now highly collectable, the Investiture Chair designed by Lord Snowdon and used by royals and celebrities to witness Prince Charles accepting his Prince of Wales title, now has pride of place at the Imperial Hotel, Llandudno.
The Imperial’s General Manager Geoff Lofthouse always wanted an Investiture Chair but didn’t think there were any left for sale as overseas royal enthusiasts from Australia to the USA have snapped them up over the past 45 years.
But Geoff’s brother-in-law spotted one for sale by chance when visiting a London auction house last month and he bought it as a gift for Geoff who has now placed it within the reception area of the Imperial ( Appropriate name) for all to see.
Well place of Origin were they made on "North Wales"

But may be the forelock tugging Mule destroys its own  argument  when they wrote   "royal enthusiasts from Australia to the USA  snapped them up"

Oh and its one of hundreds   and we don't know whose arse sat on it but probably not *as the Mule seems to claim)  a "Royal".

The people of Wales do not seem to have been enthusiastic over buying any for posterity. and who would want such a ugly thing even without  Charlie Windsor's  feathers on it
Apparently the author of this drivel is  Alison Saunders and a quick click on Wales Online tells us
Alison is a senior news reporter covering the Cardiff wards of Lisvane, Roath, Cyncoed, Cathays and Penylan. She also helps health correspondent Julia McWatt with the weekly health supplement in the Western Mail and the quarterly publication Health Check Wales.
Draw your own conclusion 
But the biggest load of bollocks  comes right at the end when she tells us 

The Investiture was watched by millions on television both outside and inside the ceremony and is now a significant date in Welsh heritage and history.

A"significant date in Welsh heritage and history "?

Well to a few Royalist  and Pub Quizzers 

Even  those  of us  who opposed the Bun Fight at Caernavon Castle have largely put it aside and moved on unless reminded by the Mule  reporting on a publicity stunt for Landdudno Hotel.

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