Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bollards to the Welsh Asembly.

Its always difficult to Blog on  this day because you could always fall for an April fools joke.

Last week I attempted to commento n Peter Black , claiming  Liberal Democrat credit  for Osborne's budget by telling him he was a week too early but alas he did not post it.
Mind you if Peter tried an April Fools spoof today who could tell. ?

So I suppose  the Wasting Mule may be trying to spoof us with the news that

A series of anti-terrorist 'tank traps' outside the National Assembly in Cardiff that were built at a cost of nearly £280,000 less than nine years ago have been torn up and will be replaced
To replace them, the Assembly is spending an as yet undisclosed sum on rising bollards.
The high security, anti-suicide bomber roadblocks were built alongside the Assembly’s Crickhowell House in 2005, months after the 7/7 tube and bus attacks in London that killed 52 people and injured more than 700. The block, which houses AMs’ offices, has since been renamed Ty Hywel.
The heavy-duty metal barriers could be automatically raised to block the roadway in an emergency. At the time they were installed, questions were asked about the cost of the “tank traps”, whose installation was recommended by government security advisers.
But its a bit too serious  for that 

£250,000, looks like a lot of money for what looks like reinforced concrete slabs

There's no mention of the cost of the new "Rising Bollards" but there's one outside Sainsbury's in Pontypridd, which allows local buses to pick up passengers outside and on Taff street. So if I was ordering them for the Assembly I'd find out what the cost was there.

Of course I may have fallen for a spoof   but after Martin Shiptons report on Welsh Labour's weekend conference it's hard to work out what the Mule is seriously objectively.reporting on

Like the fore mentioned peter Black it seems April Fools day is everyday that illustrious publication

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