Saturday, 31 July 2010

In the meantime.

I shall be taking a break from blogosphere as I’m spending a week in Saundersfppt with family and friends so until August 7th I leave you with this.

When I was about 11, I was visiting my Grandparents who lived in a a small cottagn in Treforest which was alongside the River Taff.

In those days their only Toilet or Ty bach was "out the back". It was made up of bricks with a corrugated tin roof..

Playing in the garden I espied the clothes prop, and having recently had a lesson on levers in my School,an idea occurred to me.

I carefully dug a small crevice under the Ty bach, and then prised one part of the clothes prop into it . Finding a pile stones, I placed them under the clothes prop to act as a fulcrum.

I then grasped the other end of the prop and with all my might pulled down..

To my delight the Ty bach rose a few inches. I pulled down more and to my then horror the Ty bach rose a few more inches and then slid , almost majestically into the Taff.

In a panic I ran of, and spent a miserable hour or two plucking up courage to return to my Grandparents cottage.

I eventually returned however and after knocking, I was greeted at the door by my Mamgu (Grandmother).

Ah Glyn”, said, “You Tadcu (Grandfather) would like to have a word with you in the sitting room”.

My Grandfather was sitting by the fire in his dressing gown.

“Tell me Glyn,he said,”Who pushed the Ty bach into the river?”.

“I don’t know Tadcu”.

“Before I ask you again Glyn,” said my Tadcu “Let me tell you story of great American hero, George Washington. When he was a boy, he chopped down a cherry tree. His father came to him and asked, “George, did you chop down that cherry tree?' ”'I cannot tell a lie, father, I chopped down the cherry tree,' said little George. “You should not have done that, but since you told the truth, I will not punish you.”. And George Washington grew up to be President of the United States”

“Now Glyn ,“Who Pushed the Ty bach into the river?”

I swallowed "I cannot tell a lie, Tadcu I pushed the Ty bach into the river”.

My Tadcu then gave me an almighty wallop across the ear”

Through tears I wailed, “But, but you said about George Washington…”

My Tadcu rose to his full height and bellowed, George Washington’s Father wasn’t in the bloody Cheery Tree”.

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  1. Da iawn ... I like that story!